analysis will analyze what is the strength and the weakness of PT. Waskita
Beton Precast. Then, the SWOT analysis also analyze what is the opportunity
that available in the business and is there any threat that can affect the
business performance in the future. From the Strength (S) point of view, known
as a precast concrete manufacturer with good quality and image. The company has
wide variety of products with 20 product types and product standards generally
accepted and reference for both customers and competitors. The company also
mastering a variety of precast and ready mix concrete technology so as to
respond to market needs.

Weakness (W) point of view, the receivables
management system is still not integrated causing the collection period, the
value of receivables, the dependency of venture capital on the credit and the
interest of the bank continues to increase. The lack of research and
development excellence is less integrated with long-term marketing programs so
that product outcomes are still less oriented to market needs.

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Opportunity (O) point of view, precast and ready mix concrete system is growing
very rapidly to replace conventional systems. The political and economic
stability that supports the growth of national development so that the potential
of domestic market continues to increased. An increasing in investment in
construction sectors, especially toll roads and power plant is a good
opportunity for the company.

Threat (T) point of view, customers are switching from PT. Waskita Beton Precast
because competitors are using a more economical production and design system.
The competitor manufacturers seize PT. Waskita Beton Precast market by expanding
range of products. Another threat is the difficulty of obtaining suppliers
capable of supplying raw material in quantity and quality to be expected that
can cause disruption of production activities.