A couple of years went by, we ended up in divorce and everything spiraled downward from there, pushing college further away. Going through this agonizing period at a young age made me revert back to my high school ways. I felt like I had missed out on some lively adventures. The events and experiences that led me to go onto college and the people who encouraged me had anally made me realize that continuing my education was the best thing I could do.

People In my life that encouraged me to continue my education would be my mother, teachers, employers, and my high school guidance counselor. My mother wanted me to attend college to provide a stable start In life and to see her oldest be the first In our family to graduate with a higher education. Remembering things that she had told me is the biggest reason for my being here now. Teachers had always consoled in me to pursue a higher education because they said I had tremendous potential to accomplish great things.

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Their words of wisdom are playing a big role in me attending college, because without their support, I may never have taken this step. Some of my past employers believed continuing on to college would have led me to greater positions within their companies and allowed my career to advance sooner. My high school guidance counselor was constantly on me about going to college. He was always assuring me that,” by continuing your education, you will get a head start in life,” and that I would learn positive roles for a long happy life.

All of these people have had a huge Influence on my decision to continue my education, without their encouragement I would Just maintain the same way of living and working that I have been. Experiences that led me to continuing on to college were taking classes for certain jobs, knowing people who have good jobs because of college, and because learning new things are exciting to me. When I was younger, I would visit friends who were attending college and think of the knowledge they were getting, the fun they were having, and what they were learning about life.

As I went through life without college, I had to experience situations such as low paying jobs, less career choices, and limited awareness about how to achieve my goals and dreams. I now know, through my adventures, that it’s not too late to expand my knowledge and make my dreams come true. All of the experiences I have been through made this choice much easier and my level of determination Is much higher than It would have been years ago. Jobs that I have had requiring specialized training taught me that I could have excelled quicker In my career.

Though I managed to pass these classes, I could have done better with a college background. Overall, through the past twenty two years, I nave seen a lot, Eden to a lot AT places, change Sods Orin, Eden marled, Lovelace, and had kids but nothing could have prepared me for life like a college degree. Life would have turned out completely different had I gone to college years ago, but I’m not complaining because things have turned out fine. My road to college has been a Eng one and now that I’m here, I don’t know that I would have done anything different.

My family stands behind me because they know it’s something Vive always wanted to do and they realize it will make our lives much better. Taking on this new challenge will not only strengthen my life and skills, but help me to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a business owner, which has been a long time dream. So here I am, forty years old and going to college, better late than never, and I’m still young enough to achieve great accomplishments.