Impair had 13 children and only 5 survived, their youngest son, who was in the military, brought home in newborn baby-girl. He explained to them that it is his child and the mother abandoned her. They criticized the mother solution but Impair prayed and took care of the child while her father served out his sentence. But he told them to name her Clavicles because her mother favorite flower was carnations-She grew up with her rareness’s. Unfortunately, went Clavicles was nine Impair died at age 60. The funeral was small and simple. Picker tried to console himself by occupying himself with house chores. Eventually he was unable to work as effectively and his figures didn’t sell. His work nor his grand-daughter could console him and he turned into a drunkard. He neglected everything till he became the poorest man in the region. Clavicles left for a Job in town. She came back home pregnant with the father being unknown. She found her grandfather close to Insanity and alone.

Time eased and with the present of Clavicles and a child on the way Placer began to crave again and was bought back to life. After Juan was delivered, his great grandfather named him because it is Jesus best-friend. They discovered that he wasn’t normal and the doctor told them that he was deaf and as a result also mute. The doctor suggested sending him to an institution which his great grandfather opposed and said that they would care for him In which they did. They sang to him and let him feel the vibrations. The boy was always with Placer and he grew healthy and with a lot of eve.

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He did more than the average child although he was disable. HIS grandfather insisted that he goes to school but because of his disability he can’t attend regular school. Clavicles tried to reason with him and show him that it is Just not possible. Until one day Mrs.. Dermatome’s volunteers explained that poor disabled children are now given an opportunity to live a better life with a couple who has no children. They showed the Placers a map of North America and brochures and tried to persuade them that they will be able to be educated and become successful.

Jesus disagreed t all cost. But Clavicles was open to the possibility. When the voluntary left Clavicles kept thinking about it and compared the picture on the brochures to her life and a week later when she ran into a volunteer again they spoke to her continuously till she did give Juan away and in turn she received $250 but this didn’t matter. While Jesus Dimension Picker was in church this happened and when he heard of It he had a tantrum. He beat Clavicles and he didn’t speak to her for months although they completed tenet snores together. Until one cay en near Mrs. .

Determent’s name on audio he called out to Clavicles who ran to him immediately because of his facial expression. He exclaimed that they killed Juan. The organization was a conspiracy used in order to use disabled children as living organs banks, after fatten them up and sending their organs to persons who need them in North America. While police and the government are investigating the matter Clavicles and her grandfather Journey to town to talk to the Secretary of Welfare to find out if Juan is among the remaining survivors. They are willing to do whatever it takes to repay Mrs.. Dermatome her $250 and get their Juan back. React sketch of: 1) Jesus Dimension Picker: he was humble. He was patient in the way he did his sculpturing. He was an illiterate because he didn’t go to school but he was smart. He was traditional in the way they took care of Clavicles and they was he wanted Juan to go to school. He was religious because he used to help at the church and he thought as his talent as God gifts and live by God’s rules, he was a bit emotional and loving when it came especially to Juan and it is shown in his reaction towards Clavicles went she gave Juan away and his behavior went Juan weren’t accept to go to school.

He was independent as he did his sculpturing on his own and he doesn’t believe in begging even if they don’t have. 2. ) Clavicles Picker: She was emotional she could not stand to watch her son when he was given away. She was stubborn and rebellious as stated in the passage. She was persistent they fought through their long Journey to the Welfare Department. She was also religious she went to church also with his grandfather. She was modern as she saw the North American lifestyle as a better life for her son. She was loving she love her child and she was caring because she cared for her child and grandfather