The English movie, The King’s Speech
released on 2010 features Prince Albert later known as King George VI played by
Colin Firth. He was found having defect in communicating since early age and
his wife, Queen Elizabeth casted by Helena Bonham Carter was trying all sorts
of way to get him over it. Later, she found Lionel Logue, a speech therapist
who was passionate in drama acting played by Geoffrey Rush. He used his own
creative methods and ways to help the prince who was hot tempered to realise
that he is able to speak like any of us. Not long after that, Logue carried out
therapy session with Bertie, the prince to help him with his stammers.
Throughout the process, Logue understand the prince and taught him tricks and
techniques to overcome his defects. Prince Albert soon succeeded his brother,
King Edward VIII and became King George VI. Will he be able to deliver a
splendid speech? That’s for you to find out by watching the movie.

     This historical movie was directed by Tom
Hooper, a director who has also directed some other outstanding movies such as
The Danish Girl and Les Miserable. In my point of view, this movie is
well-directed and he had delivered his thoughts to the audiences successfully.
Selection of scenes and actors and also the flow of the story all done well.
All of these can be seen throughout the movie especially the scenes where Logue
stroll with Bertie, David’s castle, Logue’s house etc.

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     About the actors, I would say that they
are all professional actors and played their role as though they are the
characters. Colin Firth, the actor of Prince Albert who stammers acted
wonderfully and making the audiences thought that he has stammers even though
in fact he did not. Other than that, Helena Bonham Carter deserves an applause
for showing that she is able to handle all kinds of characters, from the mother
of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to an evil witch in Harry Potter then a
murderer in Sweeney Todd next comes to a queen in The King’s Speech. Her acting
is good as always especially in the scenes where she met Logue and persuading
her husband to go for therapy.

     There come the cameramen to be responsible
in taking every shoot using different techniques to highlights the actors. The
cameramen have used different shooting method and also good lighting and
filters making this film interesting. The zoom in while shooting a conversation
really do bring out more facial features of the actors to us and allows us to
observe their mouth movement making us really concentrate in what they are
saying. Even so, the zoom in by the cameramen is too much in my view, it
supposed to be slightly zoom out so that the whole head of the actors can be

     Besides from that, the sceneries chosen
are all nice and suitable for the scenes and also match the themes, colours of
the whole movie. The sceneries do not have obvious and bright colours but they
bring out the feeling of this historical film. For example, Logue’s office
looks artistic as the wall painted by Logue’s sons behind the couch the prince
always sat on making the whole place looks cosy and warm. In addition to that,
the team has shoot the scene where the prince and Logue were strolling on the
street at the perfect time and weather, the mist makes the street looks like
early in the morning and perfect for a stroll while no sunlight was seen making
the shoot perfect.

     Throughout the movie, I don’t think any
special effect is used as it does not require any special effects if this kind
of historical film is shoot well. As for the soundtrack, on my behalf, I like
the soundtracks and sound effects in the movie. All of them bring out the film
of the scenes, as seen at the beginning of the movie. It was all done by sound
effect and it makes the movie mysterious and interesting, a great beginning can
attract the attention and interest of audiences.

     On the whole, this historical movie, The
King’s Speech will never be the same without everyone behind the scenes and
also the actors as all of them played a significant role in making this film.
The awards won by this film are not towards just any one individual, however it
is an honour towards the whole team. I feel motivated after watching this movie
as the effort and courage of Prince Albert has shown us that we can do anything
if we are willing to take action. This movie is emphatically recommended as it
tells the real story of the King George VI in a creative and interesting way
for audiences to understand the history of British. The King’s Speech is
definitely worth watching.