The world is full of strange things. There are many such things on which people are surprised after knowing or hearing about it. In the same way today we have brought for you the most dangerous and mysterious places in the world which is very wonderful. You will also be surprised by reading about these places. These place always remains a headache for the scientists.1. MAGNETIC HILL    We are going to tell the magnetic hill situated in India which are located at Leh-Kargil-Srinagar Highway, 30 km away from Leh in India.The river Indus also flows in the eastern part of this hill. This magnetic hill is also known as Gravity Hill.It is believed that the rule of gravitation on this hill fails. According to the law of gravity, if we leave any object on the slope, it will roll down but it does not happen on the magnetic hill,if we put a gear in a car and leave it, then this hill climbs to the top of the slope and not to the bottom.The people who came here have also certified this concept. This Gravity Hill has been marked by place board in place of local administration.   Scientists give many reasons about thisplace. According to him, the regionalstructure surrounding this hill produces an atmosphere like “vision illusion”, whichmakes the moving thing downward flowing upwards.      Apart from this, the second reasonis that in the sight of confusion, something looks relatively small or big. Apart from all these reasons, one reason is not clear even the horizontal plane of roads in mountainous areas. Whatever the real reason for the moment, but it is recognized as a magnetic hill between the common people.2. PROVEGLIYA ISLAND (ISLAND OF DEAD)There is an island in Italy known as ‘Island of Dead’. which is banned by italy government,It is said that the people who go here are difficult to survive. Actually, this is a terrible story associated with this island, due to which people do not even want to go here. It is said that hundreds of years ago this island was brought to the death of plague patients.    This Island use continued later even during Black Death(Black fever).Almost 1 lakh 60 thousand ill people were burnt alive. Since then, people have begun to believe it was a ghost and that the island was completely deserted. However, on this island in 1922 Mental Hospital was built, but it was closed after a few years. It is said that here, doctors and nurses started to see many unusual things. At the same time, the patients admitted in the mad cell were also seen the ghost of plague patients.    These islands have been deserted for many years after Mantle Hospital’s closure. After this Italy’s government sold it to the private owner in 1960. The man stayed with his family for a few days, then left this place and went away. After this, a second family bought it to build a holiday home, but he could also stay herefor only one day. It is said that someone had cut the mouth of the owner’s daughter in the island, who had to put fourteen stitches to connect.   3.MIYAKEJIMA IJU ISLAND (JAPAN) Miyakejima iju island is located in japan,This island is famous for itsgas mask tourism.In this island you will see every person wearing a mask,A volcano called Mount Aayma is quite active here,As well as large quantities of poisonous gases emerge along with lava. Anyone who comes here takes the gas mask as soon as they arrive on this island.To stay alive on this island always have to wear a gas mask because the amount of poisonous gases in the environment has reached a much higher level than usual.     The last big explosion happened in 2000. It was a terrible explosion in which lava Along with the toxic gases in large quantities (Mainly sulfur dioxide). Not only that the volcano is cool After these poisonous gaseos emanate Continue Since then, people should wear 24-hour masks.In 2006 the population of this island was 2884.4. DEATH VALLEY(DESERTS OF DEATH)A place in the world where the stone itself slips and it is strictly forbidden to go here.Death valley is located in California. it is a very beautiful place, but it is also a mysterious place. Its length is also about 225 km. Anybody who gone in the Death valley, has never returned alive because the temperature of death valley is very high in the day and very low in the night.                             According to historians,when the valley was studied in 1870, there were many human skeletons found. Obviously they lost their lives in the middle of the road. It is said that there are also sloping stones which start flipping automatically, which have remained a mystery Because these stones are not light stones, it is very heavy weight stones around 110 kg (1.1ton).   Different researchers have counts different reasons behind this. Some researchers believe that Geothermal busts are caused due to excessive temperature and high winds. But Anyway, however, Death Valley is famous for these mysterious things in the world.   5.BLOODY POND(gate of hell)It is one of the most dangerous places in the world.It is located in Japan, it is called a bloody pond. It is strictly forbidden to go here by the Japanese government, because its water temperature is approximately 193 farnehite and its color is like blood is red  It is one of the most dangerous places in the world.It is located in Japan, it is called a bloody pond. According to the scientists, the water temperature of this lake is so high because it contains high salt and iron.Here the steam always evaporates from the surface of the water. It is also called the gate of hell because Looking away from this place, it seems as blood is boiling here. 6. Ilha DA Queimada Grande(SNAKE ISLAND)The Brazilian army has bannedthis dangerous island,Snake island is located 93 miles away from Brazil’s Sao Paulo, in the heart of the sea. Where the most venomous snakes are found in this world. Anyone can kill the moment. Anybody can kill here at any time. The most poisonous golden pit vipers snake are lives here.This island is also called the house of the Golden Lancehead Snake species.     Marcelo Duarte is a biologist who has visited this island more than 20 times. They say that the number of snakes on this island is so high that there are five snakes in every square meter.These snakes are counted in the world’s poisonous snoop Is performed. These snakes are so poisonous that if these snake bites someone than person dies within 10 to 15 minutes.many people died by these snakes.  7.GRUINARD ISLAND(POISONOUS ISLAND)Little Island Grunard,situated in the Gulf of Scotland’s Grunard Bay,76 year ago many people lived here but today no one lives here anymore.This islands are about 2 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide. During World War II, Britain, tested the toxic gas named Anthrax on this island, due to which it is dangerous to go here. When this gas is in the grip, it is a light fever. After a short time, human beings die because of internal bleeding.The most dangerous thing about this gas That its effect remains in some places for many years.    The first mention of this place was made by Dean Munro, who went to visit there in the 16th Century. Dean Munroe mentioned in his book about the greening of the Grunard Island.But today this island is completely deserted. The population of here is zero.  8. BERMUDA TRIANGLEOver the centuries, the Bermuda Triangle has remained a mystery to the world.So far, many of the people who have passed through here have lost many ships and planes. But no one knows the real cause of it.However, from time to time the researchers made many claims to solve this puzzle but no claim came true. But now the scientists have claimed that after a lot of research they have all of them.    The reason behind it is known by researchers.According to research byscientists, dangerous winds run over this triangle.The speed of these winds is 170 miles per hour.When a ship falls in the air, it loses its balance. Because of which he gets an Accident. These winds are due to the cloud formed on it.   SABLE ISLANDSable Island is located in Canada. It looks like it always looks intrigued in hunting, it is always hiding in the mist, the cold winds of the Bay meet the cold winds of Labrador here. This island is not nearly visible between sharp winds and high waves, due to which many ships crash here.A dry pine tree was planted dozens of years ago and it is only three feet longe.Trees can’t survive in this Island’s because  furious winds and lack of real soil to put down roots.This island is protected and managed by Parks Canada, which must first grant permission before anyone may visit.      Some scientists say that this island is growing steadily, but some scientists believe that this island is shrinking and will disappear after some time.  BLUE HOLE(RED SEA)blue hole is located in red sea,Blue holes are the most deadly place for divers,.the Blue Hole is actually a cave. which is 130 meters long and 6 meters deep.This cave is a graveyard for divers in a way because this cave contains nitrogen insoluble, which leads to a kind of intoxication like alcohol. When you keep going in the depths of the cave, it becomes more addictive. Many divers have lost their lives at this place.This is a strictly restricted area for divers.The Egyptian authorities claim that 40 divers have died at this site since the 1980s.Egypt officials claim that 40 divers have died on this site since the 1980 and other report says that the  rate of died people is up to 250.As a result of the mortality rate, Egyptian authorities only site for certified divers diving with certified diving instructors