The poem tells the story of a child who built a snowman at someone’s from door. To take his place when he was gone. From a literal point of view, the poem tells of a young boy who built a snowman at his friend’s doorstep, to replace him. However, he recognized the snowman as a poor substitute, and thought It stupid. HIS friends stuck a lollipop Into the snowman, where its heart might have been, to try and cheer it up. The snowman did not become happier, but instead melted away in the light of the spring sun.

What remains is only a small puddle, which a bee buzzes besides. However, when you look beyond the literal, the poem can represent many things, many stories. One possible viewpoint of the poem is that of someone who has grown up, and with regret, realizes that he is not at all what he dreamed of being. Many children have dreams that, to an adult, may not seem realistic. These children, however, live In a sort of blissful oblivion-a world where In which, If you put your heart to it, anything can be achieved. In reality, however, this isn’t always the case.

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No one can have all that they dreamed of having. For me, the poem starts the story at a point where the adult with unfulfilled aspirations is still at a point where he thinks the situation is still, somehow, salvageable. Think it would take place somewhere in the early years of the speaker’s adulthood. Maybe the speaker has taken up a sort of profession. One, that at least he tells himself, is only temporary, and that It will have to do until he can get the proper training, or resources to be what he has always dreamed of being.

The Newman (which, to me, is what he is doing with his life) that he built at the front door, would represent what he Is doing at the moment. He thinks that It is stupid. The second stanza takes place when he is a bit older, but still young enough to possess a bit of that childish hope. He realizes, perhaps, that it is a bit too late. Why haven’t I done anything great yet? But he still thinks, that with a bit more work and a bit more time, he can still achieve hat he wants to achieve.

The “lollipop”, burled “deep into it’s snowy heart” in the hopes that “this little sweetness would perk it up” s actually the last great burst of effort put into his dreams. The “sweetness” represents the futile (though he does not realize it yet) attempts to revive his dreams, and the “perk It up” represents the success he hopes to gain. The third stanza is even further down the line. I think it is when he has gone past the point of trying, and simply sits and watches the world go by like a movie, where he is but an extra and everyday is filled with the same boring, mundane things regular people do.

He is not the revered man people look up to, or the beloved hero. He Is imply a face in the crowd, someone who has conformed to society’s rules, and has realized that he is nothing special after all. This is shown by the fact that that the “snowman 010 not smile, 010 not make a sound”. Slice ten snowman represents want he is doing with his life, this shows that his great hopes of being someone have started to ebb, fading, dissolving away into a shapeless mound of monotony. There has been no great surge, no spurt of success. His efforts have been in vain.

I think the last stanza takes place when the author is nearing the end of his life, and s reflecting on what he has done. I think that he is wondering what happened along the line, where his dreams had gone, what he had done wrong. He is questioning where the snowman (what he should have done with his life) is now. Where has he gone? What should I have done, to make him stay? He is wondering where his candied heart has gone. He wonders, resigned and faintly disappointed, where his boundless energy and hope has gone. And he accepts, with a heavy heart, that all that is left is a small puddle of tears, the dull ache of unfulfilled dreams.