history of King Louis XVI is often discussed yet rarely understood. King Louis
XVI was the last king of France before the French Revolution. In the following
essay we will be discussing the history of King Louis XVI.

            Louis Auguste de France was born in the Palace of
Versailles on August 23,1654. He was the third son of Louis-Dauphin of France
and Marie-Josephe of Sax         ony. He
was the grandson of Louis XV. He was tutored by a French nobleman. He studied
religion, morality, and humanities. He excelled in Latin, History, Geography,
and Astronomy. He also achieved in Italian and English. Because of his good
health, he was involved in a bunch of physical activities. He loved hunting and
wrestling. He also loved locksmithing, which turned into a life-time hobby.

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            His parents hardly payed any attention to him. They spent
most their time having something to do with his older brother, Louis Duc de
Bourgogne. He died at age 9. His father died in December of 1765 of
tuberculosis. His mother later died of the same thing. After the death of his
parents, he married at age 15 to a 14-year-old girl named Maria Antonia. He was
shy, so for a while he kelp himself from seeing her in private. They had their
first child eight years after their marriage. They eventually ended up having
four kids. They were Louis-Joseph, Louis-Charles, Sophie-Beatrix, and
Marie-Therese, which died in childhood.

            On May 10, 1774 after the death of the death of his
grandfather, Louis XV, Louis XVI became King of France. He was only 19 years
old. As king he focused mainly on the freedom and Foreign policy. He was loved
by many people and wanted the publics opinion on everything. King Louis took on
many major functions. One major event was him signing the Edict of Versailles
also known as The Edict of Tolerance on November 7, 1787. The Edict of
Tolerance was granting Non-Roman Catholics- Huguenots and Lutherans as well as
Jews, Civil and legal rights in France. However, the Edict of Tolerance did not
legally proclaim Freedom of Religion in France, until the Declaration of the Rights
of Man and Citizen was signed in 1789.

            The French involvement in The Seven Years War had left
Louis XVI a disastro us inheritance. King Louis went through many wars in the
1600s. Louis XVI aimed to expanding French territory by force of arms. Another
was aim was giving France a defensible Frontier especially “the line of the
Rhine” in the east. He did not doubt his rights to return to France his First
military expedition was in Spanish Netherlands. After the death of Philip IV,
Louis had an army of 72,000 troops, which was led by two veterans of the Thirty
Years War. Louis made an invasion as alarmed the English and the Dutch that
they were trading war. On May 1678, they joined with Sweden to make a secret treaty
with the Holy Roman Emperor. The treaty agreed that French Expansion into the
Spanish Netherlands after the death of Charles II. Later in 1672, the French
army had almost 120,000 men, 8,000 household troops, 86,000 infantries, and
25,000 cavalries. The French arranged alliances or benevolent neutrality with
Charles II, the Sweden, and the German Prince. Louis saw the Dutch as obstacles
to French Netherlands and trading rights. In 1679, the Holy Roman Empire also
made peace. The Dutch war left France with a deficit of 16 million lives, but
Colbert died in 1683, and Louis believed the continued war was the route to
French greatness.

            King Louis XVI was Convicted of conspiracy with foreign
powers and was sentenced to death. He was discharged as King and later died on
January 21, 1754. King Louis XVI was a young King, but he tried his best.
Learning about him was interesting. That concludes my essay on King Louis XVI.