The Development of Ananas Comosus peel as a fertilizer on the growth of Ipomoea Aquatica plantAnanas Comosus it is one of the most famous fruit all over the world due to its health benefits , But pineapple peels also contain beneficial effects to our body’s health. As long as fruit is organic, and if possible, it is also recommend to eat its peel because it has a lot of health benefits. This is the case of pineapple as well, and the advantage is also that it is a fruit that does not tend to have pesticides because it generally grows without a lot of properties. There is many Ananas Comosus in the Philippines because pineapple is usually found in tropical climate countries , but nowadays is also cultivated all over the world because of its sour , sweet and delicious taste it can be consumed fresh , cooked juiced or preserved that’s why many people liked it. The pineapple leaves are very useful because it is used to make barong tagalog aand barot saya. But did you know that Pineapple peels is also useful many people just throw it because they dont know that pineapple peels is rich in many nutrients and mineral like Vitamin B , C , folate , thiamin a vitamin (C12H17N4OSCl) of the vitamin B complex that is essential to normal metabolism and nerve function and is widespread in plants and animals —called also vitamin B1 , pantothenic acid a viscous oily acid (C9H17NO5) of the vitamin B complex found in all living tissues , bromelain a protease obtained especially from the pineapple , niacin an acid (C6H5NO2) of the vitamin B complex found widely in animals and plants and used especially against pellagra , fiber , manganese , calcium , iron and other nutrients. Pineapple peels can also help the body to fight free radicals which can cause numerous diseases because pineapple peels is a source of antioxidants. Water spinach It has a long, hollow and viny stem, grow prostrate or floating and the roots are produced from the nodes and penetrate into wet soil or mud. It is also very perishable and it does not store well even in the refrigerator. It requires special processing treatments to reduce post-harvest losses it grows wild and it is some time cultivated in Southeast Asia , India and Southeast China. Nutrient content analysis of the water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) was carried out at different harvest stages and under different preservation methods. Standard methods of food analysis were used. Water spinach was harvested at 3, 4 and 5 weeks after transplanting (WAT). The preservation methods used were freezing after blanching, sun drying of vegetable samples without any pre-treatment and sun drying samples after blanching. Fresh water spinach samples were used as the control. The Ca concentrations were remarkably high in all preservation methods. Blanching increased the concentration of Calcium , P, Iron, K, Sodium and Mg and decreased the concentration of Pb. Freezing increased the concentration of Ca, P, Na and Mg and decreased the concentration of iron , Pb and K. Sun drying increased the concentration for Ca, P, Fe, K, Na and Mg and decreased the concentration of Pb. Blanching and sun drying of water spinach could be the best method of preserving it without conceding on its qualityIf we use Ananas comosus as a fertilizer to Ipomoea Aquatica plant it will be more healthy, and it can be harvest earlier than what is use to be. The Ipomoea Aquatica will be more nutritious and it will have more health benefits it will relieve inflammation and asthma , boosts the immune system , enhances Libido and digestion , prevents cancer , osteoarthritis & heart diseases , improves vision , gum health , regulates blood sugar level , promotes healthy bones , skin & hair , reduce cholesterol level ,cures sweling and irritation , treats intestinal worms , Aids weight loss , ease nausea , reduces acne and pimples , hydrate the skin and by that al the nutrients in a pineapple peels would not be wasted. So don’t throw away this part of the pineapple