Croft and the Narrator. The character I like the most is Mrs.. Croft. She resembles a round character that shows many different traits. She is a choosy person as she said that she will only rent rooms to boys from Harvard or Tech to the Narrator as he called her for a room (page 2). We know that she likes to give orders when she forced the Narrator to repeat the word Splendid each time she told the story about the American flag on the moon (page 3). Besides that, she was also senile because she had once wandered half naked to the tram depot (page 9).

In the other hand, she also resents good traits. Mrs.. Croft had a very high national spirit and likes someone who is a gentleman. These values are proven in page 4 and 7 when she was proud saying “There is an American flag on the moon! ” and when her daughter said “Some of the boys run screaming. But I think she likes you. You’re the first boarder she’s ever referred to as a gentleman”. She had a mysterious life as the writer did not tell us what she had being doing for the 103 years besides playing the Plano (page 9).

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These qualities really did show the nature of an ordinary human being. The second character is the Narrator. He was also a round character to me. His role was so plain and toneless. He did not show any excitement in his daily life (page 1). He was such a boring person before his wife presents because he will only pass his time in the evening reading Boston Globe (page 2). He did not even show that he tried to approach his wife as he knows a little about her (page 10). However, he has a high respect towards Mrs.. Croft as he was reluctant to raise his voice to her when Mrs.. Roof forced him to repeat the word splendid (page 4). After Mrs.. Croft made him realized how lucky he was to have her, he begun to have a better relationship with Mall (page 14). He proved that he was a romantic person when they both kissed and hugged each other (page 14). He was also an appreciative person because he did not forget the good deeds by Mrs.. Croft. He brought his son to the Massachusetts Avenue and pointed to Mrs.. Croft’s street (page 15). He has a great determination because he had survived on three continents (page 15).

The main theme of this short story Is culture and tradition. There are two cultures which can be identified in The Third and Final Continent. They are Indian culture and Western culture. The narrator and Mall obey the Indian culture by getting married according to the arrangement by the narrator’s older and his wife (page 5). The Narrator was used to opening his shoes before entering his room and he still did that in America (page 7). As for Mall, she was restores up In Animal Rotational clotting when seen TLS earlier In Boston. Nee wore sari, gold bracelet, a small red circle painted on the forehead and edge of her et were tinted with decorative red dye (page 11). Other proves of Indian culture, they eat curries as the first meal the Narrator cooked for Mall is egg curry because he knew that Mall was not used to eat cereals (page 1 1) and they also speaks Bengali to each other. It was the first time the Narrator speaks Bengali in America (page 11). The Western culture in this short story is they wore shoes in their rooms (page 7). As the food for the westerners are soup that is popular in America eaten by Mrs..

Croft (page 8) cereals eaten by the Narrator (page 5). Mrs.. Croft also believed that it is improper for a lady and a man who are not married to each other to hold a private conversation without a chaperone (page 8). Although she was also a Westerner, she cared for the clothes worn by the youngsters in America (page 8). Next are the settings. In the year of 1866, Mrs.. Croft was born (page 10). It had been forty years she taught piano lessons (page 9). While in 1964, the Narrator left India (page 1) and in 1969 the Narrator and Mall got married.

There are several places dated in the story such as Funfairs Park, London where the Narrator lived during his stay in England (page 1). He spent his first night at YMCA in Central Square, Cambridge in Boston, America (page 1) before moving to Massachusetts Avenue (page 3). Societies that we can identify in the story are the western society, Mrs.. Croft and Helen (page 7) and the Indian society, the Narrator and Mall (page 11). Issues highlighted in this story are love, relationship, cultural shock and cultural diversity. Love is shown between the Narrator and Mall although their marriage was arranged page.