The Top Online MBA Programs in the USA have been growing increasingly popular over the last few years as the web continues to grow like wildfire and more people globally are continuing their education. Online MBA programs have a great appeal since the student saves the financial burden of housing, travel expenses and all that goes along with physically attending an MBA program in the classroom. Now let’s get down to the ditty gritty.

Now these are not the official top 3 ranked schools by anyone aside from us. We do have some sources like Forbes and such that lend us some statistics so at the end of the day you need to make the decision on what program works best for you and your schedule, finances and lifestyle.

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Top 3 Online MBA Programs in the USA

#1) Williams College:

I know most of you are thinking it must be Harvard, Yale or the like however were talking online colleges don’t forget. Williams College was rated number 1 by for a number of reasons. The Faculty to student ratio is an astounding 7 to 1 with graduation rates in the 90+ percentile it’s no wonder these guys are among the best in their field. What will it set you back to enroll in the #1 online MBA program in the nation?

 Tuition and Fees (In State/Out of State) = $37,640 – Now the percentage of students accepted whom enrolled is 42% and that’s not half bad. The retention rate for this college is extremely high with a second year attendance rate of 97%. The 6 year graduation rate is also in the 97 percentile range so chances are if your accepted your going to finish. The 4 year graduation rate is a touch lower coming in at about 91%.

This college is populated with mainly full time students as the attendance for part time students is only 1.3% and is equally split 50/50 male to female ratio.

#2) UC San Diego:

In some reports UCSD is voted number #2 and in others #1 for the purpose of this article we’ll just roll with number 2 for now but they are among the Top Online MBA Programs in the USA for sure. Being a California resident will represent huge savings for students and parents.

This is an estimated budget guide to help you decide the kind of money that will be required to attend UCSD and the amount of financial aid you might need to meet that specific goal. Your actual costs may differ depending on several factors. Your budget will have add-ons for non-resident cost and orientation fees.

Tuition and Fees (In State) = California residents:

Living With Parents – $23,268

On Campus – $29,343

Off Campus – $28,518

Totals: Basic Budget for non California Residents – Off Campus $51.396

UCSD system wide fees – $12,192
UC campus fees –    $1,042

Total California Resident fees:

With parents – $46,146

On Campus – $52,221

Off Campus – $51,396

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#3) Kaplan University:

Kaplan gives students a wide spectrum to choose from a variety of programs geared towards online education. Students can achieve career goals with these professional online programs. Kaplan University utilizes the best of online technologies including message boards, academic exercises, online readings, and web (field trips) to cement an excellent and interactive online learning program with the pupils. Kaplan University gives online schools and colleges so you can get an education at you pace. Kaplan University is a reputed college for online education programs.

Tuition and Fees:

This will give you a rough idea of what the annual costs are for the top online MBA programs in the USA keeping in mind this is online tuition costs only. Remember you have numerous choices for such programs and can get a degree from many other reputed schools.

Master of Business Administration – $26,460

Master of Business with specialization – $33,516

Master of Public Administration – $20,240

Master of Public Health – $23,100

Master of Science in Criminal Justice – $21,175

Master of Science in Environmental Policy – $20,240

Master of Science in Fire/Emergency Services – $21,175

Master of Science in Homeland Security/Emergency Management – $21,175

This is only a guide and for more specific costs you should reach out to and apply for a few different schools so your not limiting yourself to one specific school. The biggest mistake most students make when shopping online MBA programs is getting your heart set on one school and not applying to several in the event your first choice falls through your not left waiting for an additional year to start your next level of education. Check back next week for our next newsletter on the top online MBA programs in the USA.