He starts looking for the blue light that brought him to the place he’s In. He realizes he’s In the middle of a forest so he decides to make a shelter. After some painstaking work and a couple of days he finishes his tree house and now looks for food and nourishment having finished all he had had in his hiking backpack. As he goes deeper Into the forest mark finds that the forest darkens the farther In that he goes. In this part of the forest Mark finds a group of monkey like creatures that throw coconut like objects at him.

Mark is at first angered but then sees one of the creatures eating what they were throwing at him. He collects a few of the coconuts and heads back to his tree house. The next day Mark Heads back Into the dark part of the forest having finished all of the coconuts and this time sneaks in so to not be heard by the monkeys. While he is there he is startled when he hears a howl in the darkness of the forest. The monkeys go wild with horrid screeches and coconut throwing so Mark flees in the commotion but he doesn’t notice that one of the monkeys follows him back to his tree house.

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He finds an alternative food source and makes weapons now that he knows that something big lies hidden within the dark parts of the forest. After a couple of days he decides to take a long trip and won’t come back every night to his tree house. He offers the monkey the opportunity to come, since he and mark became best friends over the days he made weapons and named him Willie, but Willie refuses and he leaves. Stocked with a spear, a bow and arrow, and enough food and nourishment to last him days he leaves into the forest.

After the second day he hears the howl again and this time he also hears a cry of pain. He rushes to help and sees a big 8 foot wolf like creature standing on Its hind legs trying to reach up a tree to catch Its prey. Mark kills the beast with his spear and goes to look for the creature that was attacked by allowing a trail of blood. He finds a small village but when he enters he is knocked out. As he ventures to find the blue light mark learns that the name of the world he is in is Transvaal. The tribe that knocked him out gives him his weapons back and he becomes one of them.

Hunting with their hunters, making weapons with them, and cooking with them. He learns a small amount of their language and notices that they are what appears to be smaller versions of early humans with spears and bow and arrows. He is beginning to feel at home when all of a sudden a horde of horses with 1 OFF errs Walt silver armor Ana rail a ten village taking ten ones Tanat weren’t AAA Tort slaves. Mark is treated specially because of his looks and becomes the leader of the towns’ personal slave.

He tries to escape when the hunters are gone but comes back because he sees another horde of creatures but this time coming to attack the town he was enslaved in. He warns everyone and takes a mount to tell the hunters. After the village is saved he earns his freedom and marries the town leaders’ daughter, Megan. He is rewarded with meeting the leader of Transvaal which promises to help him find the blue light. He takes him through a long Journey which leads to the Mermen betraying mark and chasing him back to the forest with an entire army.

Years have passed since mark was in the forest and when he gets to his tree house he finds Willie. Tears come to his eyes but he has no time for reunions and instead sets traps up. He kills all of the army but one of the Emerson guards which is about to kill mark when he feels a ray flow over him and he finds himself in the middle of an intersection with cars honking at him and people yelling. When Mark returns home he dedicates his life to being a scientist after learning hat what caused the human race to devolve was a virus.

He sets out to find a vaccine for the virus to prevent it from ever doing damage when it was discovered. To create a world one needs to create a story that is interesting and that people would want to read. Mark encounters many people on his Journey including some good people and some bad people like the Mermen. Mark goes through hardship while he first arrives finding a horrid beast in the forest and finding food for himself is hard but he succeeds in finding civilization, however premature it may have been and eventually finds his way back home.