Today I’m going to talk about the truth of global warming. ‘ think most of you including me were believe global warming will happen and we cause this phenomena. Because from the News we know polar bears will extinct in 45 years and about thirty thousands of people were died in 2013 in Europe and India cause the high temperature. But after you do some research you will find that global warming doesn’t exist. The scientists says that the research shows that the earth was hotter 000 years ago than today and predict the temperature of the earth will be falling,not rising.

Like Boston,it snowed several times and we felt super cold last winter. But this winter looks set to be even worse,there may have more snow and more lower temperature. A documentary film called “The Great Global Warming Swindle” says global warming is a lie and the biggest scam of this contemporary. Let also point that global warming cause by solar activity which cycle activity of the sun’s surface made earth becoming warm and cool in period,not human cause it. So if you are an environmentalist you should not blame us by this.

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By the way,do you know “The Copenhagen Climate Conference”? Some people think it is Just a group of people who use global warming to help developed country to ask money from developing country. But it is Just personal opinion. Finally,even we are not the cause of global warming,but we did do a lot of thing that could destroy our earth. L would like to appeal everyone to keep the environment mind in everyday life. Let’s often the simplest actions that have a great impact,isn’t it?