The  impact 
of 9/11 is very strong in the minds of people. Some of the political
parties have grown outrage more in the mind of people.specially the communities
which are highlighting the wrong image of Pakistan all over the world. Those
parties wish to arouse high tension and agony in the mind of young people. But
it does not mean that all  of Pakistani
nation has the same thoughts ,but its just a few numbers of people. The social
structure of Pakistan has also been marked badly , the media also has the same
role which they are playing by highlighting various small issues on a huge
ground. We Pakistanis are suffering from a lot of damage inside and outside the
country. This had effected our minds too. As we can see in the story Our Dead, Your Dead,2011
the words said by the editorial assistant to Ayla,


“Oh and Ayla, in response to your email –
no, we don’t need a story on how America thinks about 9/11 Ten Years On. We
already know they still think it’s the Greatest Tragedy to hit Planet Earth. If
you can’t figure out a Pakistan angle for the issue maybe you should head back
to Boston.”

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(Our Dead Your Dead,2011) 

The way Pakistan is suffering post 9/11 is  immense .We consider it as a great tragedy
because it leads us towards panic and it is the reason we are fighting up a lot
on borders either it is Indian or Afghanistan against all the alliances. We are
getting more and more agonized. With each passing day we are suffering the same
agony that Americans think they passed through on 9/11.





“America had 9/11; England
had 7/7; India had 26/11; Pakistan has 24/7.”

(Our Dead Your Dead,2011) 


In a very humorous way
writer presented this bitter reality.Its just our faith that keep us strong
otherwise we have been passing through the loss no one could even imagine in
their lives.It is shown by Kamila Shamsie 
in the story , how we as nation as Muslims are still being tortured. The
people’s point of views are superfacial they do not have the idea of distress
and problems we are facing.


“What’s going on out in
the world?”

“The last fire has almost
burnt out.”

“That’s not the world,
it’s just the neighbourhood,” Hiroko said sharply.”

(Kamila Shamsie, Burnt