The foremost and popular
brand in Canada is beer. One of the oldest and famous brewed beer in Canada is
known to be Molson Coors. The Molson and Coors were originally two different
legal corporations. However, the merger of “the Colorado-based Adolph Coors
Company” and “the Canadian brewer Molson Inc.”, was positioned as the fifth
largest beer brewing company worldwide. The merger of both companies brought
them to gain highest profits and status. The birth of Molson Inc., was in 1786
and Adolph Coors in 1873. After the merger, the Coors and Molson families came
together to run the new merger business called Molson Coors. The founder of
this finest beer, Mr. John Molson brewed his first beer in 1959 on the banks of
the St. Lawrence in Montreal.

v Exporting country:

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The Molson Coors is legally
involved in International Trade business and it exports the finest brewed beer from
Canada to 50 different countries like India, Japan, Australia, Newzland, United
Kingdom and etc. The ability to market the goods to other countries is an honour
and not a right as we should take into consideration the export legislation,
basic elements of contract as well as follow the rules and regulations. Molson
Coors beers made various agreement to distribute their various brands in
different zones of the world for example in UK and Japan in 2010 and in
Australia/NZ in 2013.

Before exporting the beer to
different parts of world. All Countries should keep up with rules and
regulations to avoid the penalty.

According to Canadian export regulations it
must include:

Business number, Documents, Reporting goods, Exchange
rate, Filling export declaration and Certificate of origin.

The bilateral trade between
India and Canada: Canada and India share a legal heritage,
international trade law and common law, and in some respects both legal systems
are alike. In the exporting agreement with Molson Coors beers one of the
objective followed is the export control restriction, regulations and
prohibiting goods. The delivery of exports are not released until they are
checked by competent legal counsel and documentation process is done i.e.
(commercial invoice, letters of credit, bills of exchange or invoices). This
contract made the initial investment of $35 million. In the End March of 2011 the
sales was just under 27 million and it has a per capita consumption of just
under 1.5 litres. The sale market in India for Molson beer grows at 12% CAGR
and is estimated to grow to 50 million by 2020, putting it in the top 10 beer
markets globally.


The bilateral contract between United States and
Canada: One
of the exporting contract done by Molson Coors beers is with United States i.e.
with Heineken Company. Heineken& Molson Coors Brewing Company came together
to sign the 10 years of legal exporting agreement (whereas Molson Coors will export
the beer into the USA market and will sale out the Sol brand in the United
States). To increase their sales and shares Molson beers company followed the
legal paper procedure through the Class A and Class B negotiable shares which
they trade as their share capital in Molson Coors Canada Inc., which is an
entirely owned subsidiary of the registrant. With all of their operations in
the USA and Puerto Rico, which have projected total revenue of $6.6 billion. They
generated the revenue reserve of $500 million annually by the third year, the
companies say. The company followed the GAAP act, and they did not
include the gross sales of MillerCoors and it was reported that gross sales was
about $7,725.5 million net of excise taxes.