?The XFL, the Vince McMahon led American football league which ceased operations after just one season in 2001, will come back to the United States starting in 2020. McMahon, the most prominent WWE chairman, is expected to announce the return of the XFL in a 3pm eastern press conference.McMahon formed Alpha Entertainment, a company who “explores investment opportunities across sports and entrainment landscapes,” earlier today. Their first client: the XFL. In December, McMahon sold 3.34 million of his shares in WWE, worth approximately $100 million to create Alpha Entertainment and the XFL.The XFL, which stands for the eXtreme Football League, brings the entertainment of WWE and intensity of American football into one product. The XFL has no kickers, legal violent hits, playing with concussions and cheerleaders wearing almost nothing. It is the complete opposite of the NFL’s concept, but the same sport.In 2001, the only season in which the XFL in action, attendance dropped below 40% in all eight markets. These markets included Birmingham, Memphis, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Chicago, Orlando, and Los Angeles. This forced NBC and McMahon’s closest friend Dick Ebersol to pull the XFL from NBC programming. McMahon claimed that the XFL could survive without NBC, but ceased only days later.Who knows what players are going to want to play in the spring to summer football league? Will we see Johnny Manziel, Trent Richardson, maybe Robert Griffin III? Or will they stay away due to the high intensity of the particular league. It’ll be inevitable that players out of college would rather go to the NFL over the XFL. As they will make much more playing in the NFL. However, for some that go undrafted or even playing in the CFL in Canada or the arena football league, they could get major playing time in the XFL. Will the XFL survive past one year? Will people want to attend this violent version of football? Will they hurt the NFL? Only time will tell, but McMahon has found something, which has potential to be big.?