“Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zorn Neal Hurst reflects gender issues, class status issues and relationship issues that existed in the African American community in early sass. The story revolves around Jeanie Crawford, an African American woman with a little bit of mixed ancestry. Abandoned by her mother, she is raised by her grandma who was a slave. Grandma or Nanny’s opinion about slavery was, “Honey, De white man is De ruler of everything as fur as Ah been able HTH find out” (14).

Jeanie is searching for true love all her life. Jeanie is forced to marry an older guy at a young age because her grandma wanted security and shelter for Jeanie. Jeanie doesn’t enjoy the marriage as she never felt loved like the way she thought what a marriage would feel like. The author says “She knew how marriage did not make love” (25). She met a charming person, Jody, who swept her away with promises and love. A few years Into the marriage with Jody, Jeanie realized that he Is just a power hungry person and wanted her to act like a mayor’s wife and not being herself.

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She did not like the fact that she was missing out on a lot of things mainly, love. They split apart bitterly and Jody dies of an Illness. Jeanie had wealth and power at that point. Jeanie then comes across Tea Cup, someone who Is 12 years younger than her and Is easily attracted to him. She thought “He could be a bee to a blossom – a pear tree blossom In the spring” (104). With tea cup, she ends up figuring out what actual love Is. Tea Cup Introduces her too life filled with fun and normal human emotions. The author writes “Jeanie learned what It felt Like to be Jealous” (136).

Through her life, Jeanie slowly understands that one’s Independence Is more Important than anything else. “Tats De way It looks. Still and all, she’s her own woman” (1 11). She also gets a taste of real love In her third attempt. Throughout the book, the author emphasizes on the opportunity women have and how to reach for them and achieve them. This novel was written at a time when women had little say or power In society. The mall character, Jeanie, always had a mindset of her own and never followed what society wanted her to do.