There are thousand of people on earth, and the majority of the population is made of children. These children come in different age brackets but one thing is common to all. These children are considered to be mouths that are needed to be fed by their parents. In Ireland in the year 1729, a satirist named Jonathan Swift had a proposal entitled “A Modest Proposal”. This write up aims to critique the satire Swift wrote that presents a solution that might prevent the Children of the Poor People from Being a Burthen to Their Parents.Being in a family who can barely afford to eat three times a day, that’s a challenge and that is the problem Jonathan Swift was trying to solve in his satire essay. Looking at the title, “A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of the Poor People from Being a Burthen to Their Parents” we can really say or have the thought that this is a type of write up that would actually open the minds of the people and push them to solve the current issue in the place. And the title is actually catchy. But, as we go on and read it; At first, the way Swift made the introduction, it was quite unclear on how he would solve the problem, which was the children being burden to their family or parents for they are mouths to feed. His way of arranging the events in the essay or the order of the essay itself was actually good, even if it was unclear at first, he gave the informations chunk by chunk or piece by piece making it easier for the audience to really understand and digest what he was trying to say. The way he writes is a bit ironic on the type of literary piece he was trying to make. He sounds so serious in his essay that would make the audience think that it is a formal essay but rather as you go on and read the essay you would know in the latter part, if you didn’t know from the very beginning that it was a satire, that the essay was made humor or make fun of somebody else. And as the essay progresses or as the audience continues to read it, they would go through a series of surprises that first shocks the reader and then causes her to think critically not only about policies, but also about motivations and values.If we look at it in the political aspect, based on Book Jungle, “Swift suggests in his essay that the impoverished Irish might ease their economic troubles by selling children as food for rich gentlemen and ladies. By doing this he mocks the authority of the British officials.” That can be noticed if you try to interpret the essay. The British officials are the rich people in the essay, while the people of Ireland are the poor or the beggars. As you can see during that time, Ireland was under the Great Britain which makes the Irish unable to immobilize on their own. According to, “Swift vents his mounting aggravation at the ineptitude of Ireland’s politicians, the hypocrisy of the wealthy, the tyranny of the English, and the squalor and degradation in which he sees so many Irish people living.”If you have read, understand and scrutinized the essay you should have notice Swift’s attitude towards the poor or the beggars since it was described in the first paragraph of the essay. Swift’s treatment of the poor in general, he does not treats based on your status in the society; he is neither simple nor straightforward. His compassion for these people is mitigated by a strong sense that people ought to take the initiative to help themselves out of their own difficulties. This is one reason why there are articles that would mention that Swift is mad at the Irish for they do not try to work their way out the colony of the British Empire. Swift’s language on the essay plays on the popular judgment of beggars as lazy opportunists. That’s why people now a day are strongly discouraged to give money to the beggars who knock on their windshields on the road. However, Swift does not entirely dissociate himself from this opinion, his purpose here is to show the complex web of social and economic realities that supports and perpetuates such a situation.The tone of the “proposer” or the speaker in the essay is notable for his vanity, his cold-heartedness, and the ruthlessness of his logic, for whom in the right state of mind would think of selling the chubby or healthy children’s meat to the rich people just to compensate for the lack of money and food for the other children and would suggest that their skinĀ  are like the skin of other animals namely the sheep, snake or even the crocodile that can be made into luxurious products like bags, belts or even shoes. Swift represents the hypocrisy and superficiality of many would-be reformers, whose seeming benevolence masks such impediments as prejudice, intolerance, sentimentalism, and hyper-abstraction. Yes, the solution Swift offered might have solved the problem but it is not ethical and is a million times wrong, not in any way the society looks at it. Children are gifts from God, they should be treated in a way that everyone or every living creature is treated. His reductive handling of suffering humans as statistical entities and economic commodities is what makes him most unappealing, in spite of the calm and reasonable tone of his argumentation.Therefore, the satire Swift wrote that presents a solution that might prevent the Children of the Poor People from Being a Burthen to Their Parents is not modest. Its main title might be “A Modest Proposal” but the content is not modest and is unethical. But it is an eye open in a way.