There are various myths about aging. People believe if they use the different techniques they can stop aging or prolong their aging. There are some mythological ways that people believe they can become immortal. There are also other ways for example, religion. In several religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism they believe that you can earn eternal life; but in each religion, there is a specific way to earn it.

            The article “10 Mythological Ways to Become Immortal” by Michael Van Duisen talks about different methods of which people believe to live forever. The first one he talks about is to eat a mermaid. In Japanese mythology there is a mermaid -like creature that was known as ningyo. It seemed to be a cross between a monkey and a carp. These creatures lived in the sea and would bring bad luck or stormy weather if they were caught (Duisen). The myth that involves the ningyo is about a girl, her father accidentally brought her ningyo meat, when she ate it she was cursed with immortality. In this case she at a being that seemed to be a mermaid, so if you eat a mermaid you can be immortal. Not being able to age living on for decades. In Chinese mythology peaches played a significant role. The peento peach was grown by the Heavenly Queen Mother, Sun Wukong was the protector of the peaches and ended up eating one. By eating the peach, he was to live one thousand years of life(Duisen). Wukong eventually wen to war against heaven and the gods, later to turn to Buddha. Therefore, in Chinese mythology if you eat specifically a peento peach grown by the Queen you can earn thousand years of life. Aging comes in different forms living a thousand years does not mean you don’t age during all those years. Having eternal youth is similar, but most people would prefer eternal youth. One myth that pertains to eternal youth is “Golden Apples in Norse Mythology” (Duisen). These golden apples were used by the Norse gods to maintain their immortality and eternal youth. When the golden apples were taken away the Norse gods began to grow old and their power waned (Duisen). They had to get the apples back to regain their youth.

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            Another mythological way to become immortal or stop aging is Vampires. There are many myths in the world about vampires. Some characteristic of a vampire is that