To the editor I think that parents should feed there kids healthier stuff in stead of fast food because if a parent can’t afford to make there kids a healthy meal from home and they always have to go out and buy there kids/families fast food I think that there not getting enough money from work because there Job is poor because they did not go to college then I think that they should try to fix there lives so that there kids wont get at and obesity.

I think that parents should take there kids to one of there family members until they get a better Job so that they could bye food at the store and cook for their kids instead of them taking their kids to a fast food area and having their kid always eat Junk food or fitting food that is not good for their kids. People before they become parents they should think about what is going to happen when they become parents and how there going to take care of there kids.

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A family of four can go eat at Taco bell for $10 for a meal, some parents Just don’t know what food can do to their kids, fast food becomes attached to your body and It feeds off of you, like it tells if you’re going to be short, tall, fat or small, eating fast food is bad for kids if they eat It all the time. I think that parents should feed and try to get a better Job so they can start feeding their kids something good Instead of fast food.