These past years have not been the greatest for our magnificent country, America. The year is 1866 it is a refreshing summer’s day as I return to the recollections of what transpired in the war. I fought as a soldier but that is a tale for another day. The Civil war all commenced with the deliberation about slavery.  People in the north thought slavery was inhumane and should be outlawed but opulent people in the south quarreled with them because slavery was their main source of income. The men in the South had made fortunes backs of other people’s labor, Why would they give that up. So when Abraham Lincoln became president in 1860 and pledged to keep slavery out of the western territories they were not gratified nine states left the cumulation and engendered the confederation. Many of the northerners believed this would be a threat to democracy and dissever all the states into individual failing nations. With that, the confederation raided a Coalesced States fort and the war commenced.The war is now over and we are now being tasked with reconstituting the nation that once was. This period has been coined a flamboyantly discernible name The Reconstruction. With Abraham Lincoln being assassinated a couple of years ago, it has made it more arduous. The 10% plan was the rogue states would be assimilated into the coalescence would have expedited the process significantly. The next president Andrew Johnson proposed a homogeneous plan to Lincoln’s but Congress did not take this well. The congress was considered radically republican and wanted to utilize the opportunity of the reconstruction to penalize the south for departing. This Congress engendered many pro-ebony acts, one thing they passed was the reconstruction act. This act proscribed the seceded states from participating in the Congress until they amended their state constitutions to include African Americans.    I am not here primarily to avail the broken souls of the south. I am here because I visually perceived an opportunity to profit. I would be what the southerners would call a carpetbagger. I was not making enough mazuma at home so I optically discerned an opportunity and I took it. With the little mazuma, I had with I bought a minute shop and commenced a bank. At first, I only did savings account because I don’t have any mazuma but after I got up and running I could loan store and transfer mazuma. One of my best tricks was to lend mazuma to the poor with prodigiously high-interest rates to make an astounding profit. I would get customers like the welkin would give rain. If not for nescience and penuriousness I would not be where I am now. This was what I and many others would do to make a living during the reconstruction.Afore I fought in the war, I lived in Incipient York. My dad was Banker and my mother stayed at home availing with my family. I had a brother and two sisters. My brother was two years older than me. he would always edify me that there was no good in this world and it is what you make of it. I grew up to become banker like my dad but when there was the verbalize of war I felt I had to accommodate my country. I was about thirty years old in good shape and yare to fight in the war. This was my chance to do something with my life, to have a purport. I make it through every battle relatively unscathed until in the battle of seafarers’s creek in Virginia I take musket ball to the foot. I ken have a cane and wooden supersession. I now reside in Georgia in a dormitory above my bank.But my bank did not come facilely I first had to make the peregrination to Georgia. After the war, I decided to stay in Virginia because I didn’t have a wife or kids in Incipient York so I wanted to commence over. I resided there for a couple of years living off the mazuma I had from the war. After a while, i realized I wouldn’t be able to survive on this mazuma alone. SO with what little mazuma I had left I bought a train ticket to Kinston North Carolina. I wasn’t sure how far south I wanted to go but on the train, i met a fascinating person. His denomination was____ he was a soldier for the Confederate army but with the war was over we could verbalize. The train peregrinated all night long and we verbalized about the whole ride trading secrets and stories He explicated to me the gold that the reconstruction could bear if you kenned how to get it. I told of the battle in which I got shot and showed of my not so alive foot. When the train reached the cessation, we verbalized our farewells never to be optically discerned again.His peregrination was over but mine still had lots to come. I wanted to go even further down, to Georgia. I ambulated the rest of the way in short amounts ceasing to often work to gain mazuma. The first thing I bought with my mazuma was a tarp so I could fashion a marginally tent. One cool night in the fall of 1870 I had about a dollar in my pocket enough to get me through the next couple of days. Suddenly I auricularly discerned a noise and immediately sat upright. My auditory perceivers keened to auricularly discern any trace of a sound. After five minutes I determinately relaxed when out of nowhere my tarp was ripped up and I was circumvented by 4 men in dark habiliments. They proceeded to purloin me and beat me to a pulp. The next day I just lay there optically discerning if anybody would avail. At that moment I recollect my brother telling me the life is what you make out of it so I got up and limped my way to the store. I had a couple cents stashed away where no one could find it and bought what I needed with that. With this ceremonial beating, I decided I would stay in this town because with a gun you can rob one man but with a bank, you can rob the world.The first thing I did was preserve up mazuma to buy the property for my bank. I worked on a farm for little mazuma but not for free. One day we were out in the fields as customary when a fight broke out between two of the workers. It was chaos, people joined in and others endeavor to avail. But In the terminus, I was the one to break up the fight. After that, the head of the farm thanked me for buying the property for me. Now I had to make the place look nice so I’d work on the farm during the week and on the weekend I would renovate the place. From trips going back and forth from the store, I became acquainted with the cashier, Ann. Ann was as pulchritudinous as a summer’s morning. One day, she offered to avail me with painting and came over to avail. We scarcely got anything done we were to diligent caught up in the relishes of each other.When I opened the bank we were espoused. We were partners in the bank and would ride it to being opulent. Our first customer was a Minuscule farmer who had just come into an inheritance but did not trust sizably voluminous banks, So he came to us. We gave him a savings account that locked away his mazuma until his next of kin was an adult. He was slaked and we were able to commence making mazuma. With the mazuma he had given us we commenced to give out loans, there was a sizably voluminous bank in the next town over but our town came to us. We would give out ostensibly good loans but if they took to long, which they always did, the interest rate would skyrocket making us opulent.Everything was going well in the world the bank was flourishing, Ann was enceinte, and the vaults were plenary. We had a dormitory above the bank so we wouldn’t have to peregrinate to work. One night I was reviewing the profits from the last month when I aurally perceived a noise downstairs. At first, I regarded it as nothing and perpetuated on. But then I aurally perceived it again. Soi crawled out of bed and prehended my pistol. Ann asked me what was transpiring but I reassured her it was nothing. I gave her an osculation on the cheek and embarked on my peregrination. I crept down the hall as to eschew being descried and slipped into the stairwell. Going down the stairs I was like a panther on the prowl. I got to the bank and it seemed to be vacuous, I commenced back up the stairs when I aurally perceived a clunk.I Shouted “Whos there”I received no replication. I sat there craning every sense I had to visually perceive if I could find the intruder. One of my senses picked up an indelible feeling. The skin on the back of my neck felt the chilling sensation of metal pressed against it. I gasped for breath as I kenned I had been bested. A raspy voice authoritatively mandated I opened the safe. I cerebrated it myself my life work is in there I can’t give it up, but at the same time what good was my life’s work with no life. I complied with the man’s orders and opened the safe. The purloiners were clement so they left a few dollars to avail in the future but after that, they vanished into the night. I sat on the floor contemplating what just transpired until Ann came downstairs. She was my rock, she availed me get over it promising we double what we had and would not have to worry about everything again, I believed her.I believe that there is hope for humanity.  I believe there will be times of prosperity, unity, and understanding. Times like the civil war when a group of people converged to achieve a certain goal. We will be cumulated once again after the seceded states come back. Albeit the civil war and reconstruction was one of the toughest times for many people, it shows how intricate humans are. If this war consummated what it went out to do then we will reach a true democracy. But concurrently, the world will revolt. There will still be war, hate, and malefaction. Adolescent kids will still be dragged into what they don’t optate to do because they feel an obligation to do so. No matter how good a person can be someone out their will abhor them and that will cause diametrical to what should. Every pillar that society was crafted on is gradually chipped away by hate. So for my prognostication of will transpire in the future, I believe that humans are so gung-ho on furthering themselves that we will never further as a people.