-Thomas Huxley


The above quote
describes me as a person and as a student. This has been my driving force for
all the accomplishments of my educational career. My motivation has always been
at its peak beginning from the early years at the high school through to the
undergraduate school. My desire and enthusiasm to learn more about Electronic
gadgets has been improving since my Science fair in schooling about
Electro-Magnetism. However, right from my childhood I also the had a strong
inclination to be a Computer Science Engineer, but at that time it was
impossible to pursue both the programs simultaneously so I opted for
Electronics and Communications Engineering since I understood that this branch
would help me to understand various gadgets along with the computers. Now I
have come to a point where I can transfer my hardware skills acquired in the
past four years to earn an MS in Computer Science.

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My schooling
infused in me a keen sense of scientific temperament, Quantitative abilities
and instilled in me a special interest towards mathematics and physical
sciences which are also my pre-university majors. It was at this time that I
developed a fascination for the multidisciplinary facet of Electronics and
Communications. But I never withheld my desire towards the computers. Even
During my Under graduation, I was selected as a Technical head in my college
students club where I’ve done Visual Effect Projects in Adobe After Effects
CS6, Designing posters for college celebrations and most of all I’ve worked
with the Sound mixing Team in my college annual celebration where am much
fascinated about the mixing of Analog systems like DJ mixers with Virtual
Computer based programs.


The Four years
of my under graduation helped me master the core subjects Electronic Devices
and circuits, Pulse and Digital Circuits, Signals and Systems, Electronic
Circuit Analysis, Linear and Digital IC Applications, Digital Signal
Processing, Analog Communications, Switching Theory and Logic Design and VLSI.
My effort to be the very best in every field has not prevented me from
broadening my perspectives in myfield of interest. Towards this end, I am well
versed with programming in C language, Java, operating system like Linux,
Windows and software tools like MATLAB, Multisim, and Verilog HDL.


Further, I got
the great opportunity of connecting with Electrical Engineers around the world
was possible by becoming a member of IEEE. Being one of the first members to
join it, I had a major role to play in setting up the initial student chapter
activities in the IEEE student chapter at our university. We discuss the
monthly IEEE spectrum which has the most intricate details on the latest
technologies. These meetings give me a great chance to share ideas and improve
my knowledge, as an add-on to the academic curriculum.


My penchant for
Image processing using Digitalization of computer based images made me to
participate, present and publish Technical papers about Optical Camouflage
Technology in reputed IIT and universities like ELAN-2K13 of IIT-Hyderabad, Pramana-2K13
of GITAM university, Prathyak-2K11 of SASTRA university.


Providing my
leadership skills I’ve organized Four National Level Technical andDepartmental
Symposiums in my college such as PRAYAG-2K13 & 2K14, CATECHIZE-2K14,
FLAIR-2K13 and as a student club member I’ve volunteered in every placement
program conducted and even assisted all students during any computer based


Apart from my
Educational qualities, I’m always fascinated about Musical instruments and a
basic player of Piano and Guitar. As I’ve been in my church choir since my
childhood, I got melodious and husky voice of singing in Tenner and also
soprano. I’ve given my vocal in two devotional albums of my mother tongue and
looking forward for English albums as my voice is tuned for it.


A Masters in
CS from an American university that pairs students with highly qualified
teachers, engaged in cutting-edge research would be the next logical step in my
career. My web research to identify a reputed university where I can get
associated with research work in the areas of my interest has led me to Youngstown State


I believe
that I possess the basic aptitude, knowledge base, discipline and perseverance
to do well as a student in the Master’s Program at YSU. I sincerely hope to
have an opportunity to pursue graduate studies at Youngstown State University.


 Finally, I thank you for this opportunity to
express my views on my future