Though Mexico and Ancient Rome are two different countries they have ways that make them similar to each other .       In Ancient Rome there were two presidents. Mexico only has one president and always only had one president. However, Mexico and Rome both got there presidents the same way. In their country elections, Rome and Mexico had to vote on their president (s).Both of the governments were republic Rome and Mexico had the three branches of the government. The executive branch,legislative branch,and the judicial branch. All the branches did the same Jobs in Mexico and Rome . The executive branch consist of the president making laws. The legislative branch consist of two houses , the senate and the House of Representatives . The judicial branch consist of the Supreme Court and the other federal courts.Something that’s different about Rome and Mexico is that Rome would not allow gay marriages or just gayness at all .They would not tolerate it or even think that would happen in there community .. so they basically Shamed those they like their own gender . Now before 2010 in Mexico same sex marriage was not tolerated and was not able to happen. But they legalized same sex marriage in Mexico in 2010.Ancient Rome civilization began on the Italian peninsula as early as the 8th century BC. Life expectancy in Roman was from 20 to 30 years. The Roman Empire comprised of only 12% of the world’s population. The war between Rome and Persians Lasted about 721 years , it was the longest human conflict in human history. The inhabitants of Ancient Rome had a Sewer god and toilet god In Ancient Rome they used urine to wash their clothes.They also used urine to clean their teeth. The Roman emperor gaius Caligula made his horse a senate. Women in Ancient Rome used the sweat of gladiators to improve there beauty and complexion. The Statue of Liberty is inspired by the Roman pagan goddess libertas.In mexico the Aztecs used cacao seeds as a currency (money). An interesting fact about mexico is that popcorn was domesticated in mexico 9,000 years ago, Mexico’s 34th president ruled for less than an hour before he quit. If you ever thought that New york had the most taxis running everyday then you’re wrong! Mexico actually has the most taxis everyday,  It is stated that mexico has  100.00 taxis runny every single day. Mexico had simple sports such as soccer and frisbee.Ancient rome had extreme sports that mexico would consider crimes. Rome had the bloody sports when people go into the arina and watch gladiators fight each other , beat slaves , or fight animals to death. In mexico that would have definitely been considered crimes because they did not tolerate violence at all, unless they had to go to war. When your in mexico and a police or someone sees you trying to fight someone or kill someone your going to get put in jail. But since rome and the rulers of rome were so harsh and cruel that’s what they did for fun and made gladiators do for fun. Ancient romans used to celebrate a festival called ” saturnila”  when the slaves and their masters would trade positions. So the slaves would become masters and then the previous masters could become slaves. But it would not stay that way because that day has to come around again eventually.  Ancient Rome definitely had environmental issues like Mexico. The environmental issues that ancient Rome had was Deforestation , Air pollution, lead poisoning. Deforestation is when the intentional clearing of forest by burning. Air pollution was not the main concern of the Roman empire. The air was filthy near urban areas due to various reasons. The air was also known as “heavy heaven ” or “infamous air”  Somethings that caused air pollution in ancient Rome was garbage disposal, burning wood , and sewage problems . Though air pollution can cause death lead poisoning was a leading cause of unnatural deaths in Roman. Lead poisoning would be a problem in most people because of the contaminated water sources.  f