Joyce Dates does an exceptional Job of bringing to the surface the question of “Does conflict exist between personal identity and social values? ” In the story the two young girls notice a women “In a man’s navy coat… A man’s beige fedora hat… And she wore black trousers tucked into what appeared to be salt-stained cowboy boots,” (85) and they realize it’s Marilyn Monroe. In this section of the story it’s showing that Marilyn is being someone who she isn’t Oust like the two girls), and

Dates is asking her readers if doing something you want involves not being who you really are. From this section a reader could also get that the girls are admiring Marlin’s bravery of risking herself in order to do the thing she wants. At the end of the story when it says, “That magical evening of Marilyn Monroe, when I kissed you for the first time,” (90) is when the two girls really appreciate Marlin’s bravery and realize that they shouldn’t be hiding themselves because It might not be what society wants.

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Dates also does a tremendous Job with the literary techniques she uses. For example, her use of irony that Marilyn was one of the most beautiful people, yet she can’t be seen. Also, didactic attitude because Dates wants her readers to understand the values of society and why these girls feel like they have to hide. Imagery Is another powerful technique Dates uses to describe the book store, Marilyn and how the girl describes the other. Lastly, pathos to make her readers understand how harsh society can be, and how hard It can be to be who you want to be.