The observation of the effect of varying concentrations of water medium on Irish potato. Observing osmosis on portions of root tuber tissue using Irish potato and different concentration of water. We know that osmosis is the movement of water molecules through a mi permeable membrane and tutor pressure is the water build up in the cell therefore in this experiment we expect to see change in the portions of the tuber tissues.

Nine test tubes we labeled CLC-3(three test tubes), WI-3(three test tubes), and Del-3 (three test tubes). Nine test tubes were labeled using the same method as step one and each dish was lined with pieces of paper towel. Ml of concentrated salt solution was poured in test tubes labeled C similarly in test tubes labeled W Ml of distilled water was added and in test tubes labeled D a dilute salt solution was poured into test tubes. The potatoes was peeled ensuring that there was only one type of potatoes used for each of the experiment set up which was Irish potatoes.

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A cork borer was used to cut out regular cylinders of tissues. These cylinders were trimmed to CM in length and placed into a labeled Petri dish. The tissue section was pat dried using paper towel and the length, diameter and weight were measured and the results were recorded. The first section of the tissues that was weighed were put into the first test tubes ensuring to be organized because you will have to match each section to the original dimension and weights.

The tissue section was left in the test tubes for 30 minutes while the work are were neaten up and all garbage were disposed and clean pieces of paper towel were placed into each Petri dish. After the 30 minutes the tissues were removed from the test tubes and placed unto the appropriate Petri dish and pat dried. The length, diameter and weight were measured and recorded in the table below. The change in volume and mass of each section of the tissue were calculated. RESULTS: Tissue section Before incubation After incubation change In Lonesome Mean change in dimension.