Throughout my childhood, teachers, parents and sometimes strangers who always ask me : ” what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would freeze for a second and quickly say “A doctor.” or ” A firefighter.” Now as I am typing this essay  I’m not quite sure why I would be so quick to jump towards that specific profession, but there it was, so quick for me to grasp on. I finally realized my goal later on in my older teen years that I wanted to pursue a career in the field of counseling. It has always been a part of my plans since my early teen years but I wasn’t 100% positive. From my first summer job to now my last stage in high school, The majority of my extracurricular activities  involve counseling and or younger children or teenagers my age or a little younger than me. To find out that I can make a positive impact on a child’s life is rewarding for me and truly a blessing and then is when I finally noticed my career after high school “People start to heal the moment they feel heard.” – Unknown.A Child Who has been stubborn for couple of years where his/her actions have more than likely been very much disturbing toward his/her parent and or legal guardian or even to his/her teachers or friends at school.Most Children and Teens deal with Abuse at place of residence carry that fear and attitude that can be fixed through counseling.Most counselors that work with abused children mostly try focusing on trying to work through their feelings and emotions related to their abuse. Counseling sessions usually take place in a one-on-one situation, but family is a  ABSOLUTE MUST , having a abused child is 60% to act out.. Child abuse counseling helps children work through mental,emotional and also physical issues that began to build up .Abuse, causes many levels of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, or somatization disorders. There are many different types of child abuse.Most people think of child abuse,they likely think of physical abuse.Hitting,punching,and or kicking are the most common reported types of physical abuse for an child.Sadly there are many other cases of abuse for example emotional abuse.Emotional Abuse involves yelling,name calling anything hurtful towards the child.Another type of child abuse is a sexual nature.For example a child may be forced to gain in sexual acts with another person or photographed.Most common child abuse began being touched without one’s consent.Neglect is also another form of child abuse. I have always focused my studies, interests, and work on things that will help me in this field.Joining mentoring groups and church clubs. Getting more experience with abused children for the time being.Most child abuse counselors make an average salary of $46,610 per year. However, they earn less than other professionals.In my future career are four different stages of abuse I will be dealing with Physical Abuse which deals with Intentional aggression on a child.Second is .Emotional & Psychological Abuse meaning very harsh behavior that causes child or teen a mental torment that damages child’s mental.Third Neglect The absence of parent Lack of attention , care and shelter.Lastly Sexual Abuse meaning any type of behavior that is sexual and intended to the child or teen by force. I have Chosen this profession to help Children and Teenagers of all ages. Many Children deal with Abuse each and everyday and don’t have a friend nor mother to talk to about their problems.This generation tends to ignore children and teens and push their problems aside and act as if their problems aren’t an issue.They tend to cover up their issues and try and handle it on their own and causing that anger and pain to build up and grow each and everyday. May begin to affect relationships with friends and or boyfriend/girlfriend. I have also experienced issues within abuse so I am able to connect with the teens and children on a personal level and try my best to connect with them.I have also mentored and guided several friends with abuse helping them grow and release that burden to stay in tact .  Once a child abuse counselor begins to grow closer to the child/teen they begin to get the idea of the type of abuse they have suffered.Which will attempt them to get the child to open up about his/her experiences . Most Counselors have said that it is a very challenging job.Moreso because of the abuse is very traumatizing to many children, and it can make them often afraid to trust any adult.The child abuse counselor should be able to earn the trust of the abused child/teen. That usually takes courage, compassion and lastly patience. The child must feel comfortable in the presence of a child abuse counselor before making any other move. During my years of Counseling their will be hardships and bumpy road.I plan on being calm and patient with the child and or teen.Some will be rude and disrespectful it will take patience to pursue this job.I am motivated by challenges and have the ability to be flexible and fit for the job.Most people who have this job are usually not doing it for the children/teens but for the money.I am passionate , confident , energetic and flexible human being with this I plan on nurturing and being someone they can look too as a friend but also still remain their counselor.Most children seek someone who is enthusiastic and someone who loves their job.It was the job that seeked my eyes not the salary itself. This job sticks unlike the rest because of personal but also because of the heart I have for helping another person. Saving someone from pain and suicide is my purpose. Listening to them instead of judging and criticizing the children. Child Abuse leads to terrible effects on the child/teen not only does it affect them but also the abuser more than likely from previous abuse.I one day hope to prevent abuse and help heal hearts.