to much coffee at night it will keep you up and when you don’t get enough sleep that is bad for your health and your body. Opponents might also say you can always overdue soda. Well according to soda has less caffeine and you can overdo coffee more than soda.Well, now you can tell that I’m a soda person not a coffee person. Just remember 3 things, There are more options of soda, soda is healthier than coffee, and last, expense levels are higher on coffee. Just remember 1 thing think about the next time you want to by 4 cups of coffee a week after years it will cost you a lot.  Some people might ask themselves, hmmm I wonder if coffee is worse than soda, or the other way around…… Oh hello there! I’m about to share with you why soda is better than coffee. In my opinion, I think soda is better because, there is more options, Soda is healthier and last expense levels. For starters there are way more diet options of soda then coffee,diet soda doesn’t even taste bad examples are Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and sprite.In my opinion I would like more options. In my opinion soda has a lot off diet options but really doesn’t. According to  ” There are sugar free or low sugar sodas for healthy families Fanta, Dr Pepper and Sprite.I think Family’s that loves soda, sugar free or low sugar can come in handy but on the other hand coffee cannot be sugar free or low sugar.Next there are not a lot of coffee options and half the coffee people drink is fake. An example of this is, say you were drinking coffee and you figured it was fake I’d be mad wouldn’t you? Soda is healthier than coffee. To start off “diet soda has less or no calories”. To add on Calories are bad so that is good that diet soda has less or no calories at all. In addition to no Calories, according to ” there is only 20-40 milligrams of caffeine in a 6oz cup of soda but there is 50-60 milligrams of caffeine in a 6oz cup of coffee. This makes me think, only 10-20 milligrams difference! That still can be a lot, so I’d avoid it, what about you? All the caffeine in the coffee will keep you up at night. I wouldn’t want to not go to bed it would make me  too tired. Expense levels are higher on coffee than soda. According to ” even if you by a 2$ latte 4 days a week after 10 years you would have spent a total of 6,149.98$ on your lattes”. In my opinion I wouldn’t want to spend that much money, what about you? According to a survey of American workers ” By accounting principals who regularly by coffee throughout the week spent an average of 1,092$ on coffee regularly. All I can say about that is its a lot of money so if I were you I’d start brewing your joe at home. Coffee prices will increase by 6% over the years. Nooooo! Why! Now more money. Why does coffee have to be so expensive.Critics might say, coffee has more health benefits. Well actually, if you drink