Today there are millions of people all over the  world who indulge themselves in social media activities. Social media today is not just confined to information exachange as it used to be previously, insted users generate their own content which is shared with people there by more activly participating in comments, sharing, modifying,co-creating or collaborating in certain activities online. users are able to post  their current activities, status updates,personal information,photos,ideos , current location and much more which acctually is one of many reasons for social media popularity.With the rapid development in networking and web related technologies many new social media platorms have emerged and have grown very popular. Social networking services like Facebook, Twitter & instagram are most live examples of social media, but apart from them we have many other microblogging sites, community blogs, internet forums,podcasts,videos & photos sharing sites and much more. In this discussion an important point to note is that all social media platforms have one thing in common which is information exchange but ways of doing that in each them is diferent. Why ? The answer to that is the purpose for which the social media service or platform is designed.For example Facebook was designed for users to establish one’s own social identity online by creating profile, uploading self photos ,creating groups, chatting with friends,following promotional pages etc.Linkedin on the contrary is a platform which is used to manage one’s professional identity, getting connected with bussiness and professional networks, gain information of technical expertise in organisations,research areas, businesses and also job oppurtunities.Whereas Twitter is a kind of social networking service which concentrates more on what users post rather who is posting it. Twitter lets users to posts microbloggs of 140 charecters (recently changed to 280 charecters) relating to realtime news, events or status updates. In twitter users are allowed to follow twitter pages or comment on tweets of other users.Twitter is also referred sometimes as “The SMS of the internet”.