The tomb of Shunning Is a masterpiece. It Is very detailed oriented and also carries along with beauty some dark secrets. It Is believed that the workers that made the tomb were burled within the very walls that they created. It Is filled with wonder, beauty, and mysteries (1998, January 1). The emperor, as In most cultures believed that their tomb was the passage to their afterlife.

Most emperors of the time and Like hose In Egypt believed that whatever Is In their tomb with them they carried over into the afterlife (2004, September 3). Emperor Shunning is believed to have had the workers buried with him. The reason that most archeologist believe is to make sure that the treasures that he was buried with remained a secret (2006, January 16). He did not want people breaking into his tomb to steal what he was taking with him (2006, January 16). Emperor Shunning also had a vast clay army made like each individual soldier that he commanded buried with him.

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It is believed that he did this so that he may be protected from his enemies in his afterlife (Custom deed.. Volvo. 1, p. 673). He has every weapon, horse, chariot, and soldier copied because they protected him so well when he was alive and wanted the same protection in the afterlife (Custom deed. , Volvo. 1, p. 673). The mystery behind this tomb is the fact that it was so elaborate. Some archeologist believe that there may have been lakes and rivers made of mercury because of the coloring of these items found in this tomb.

The most mono belief is that the tomb looks identical to the way the land looked at the time Emperor Shunning was alive. Others believed that is was constructed as a guide to his happy afterlife. Either way there has been no definite answer to this question. The one main theory that the tomb was constructed the way it is because the tomb served as a guide to the happy afterlife. The reason that most scholars believe this is because most cultures back in that time period believed that. It was not just cultures In China that believed this, the Egyptian pharaohs also believed this (2004, September ).