Town Creek Indian Mound Is located near the town of Mount Gilead in Montgomery County. 2. What Native American culture Inhabited the area and built the Town Creek Mound? What time period did they Inhabit this area? (2 pets. ) Around the 1 lath century, the Pee Dee culture inhabited Town Creek Mound. 3. Using information you read in the textbook, determine from which larger culture the Town Creek Indians developed. Basically, which culture described in the book do you think the Town Creek culture was related to?

Why do you think this? Explain the Asia characteristics of this culture. What aspects of this larger cultural tradition can be found in the Town Creek culture? (4 pets. ) Pee Dee culture would be a part of the Mississippian Society. Pee Dee culture Is located where the Mississippian Society was located. It also correlates with the same time period as the Melanesian Society. Melanesian Society was a society based on agricultural, trade, and religion. In Town Creek Mound, signs of agricultural, trade, and religion, have been found. 4.

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What was the largest city of the larger culture described in the book? Describe this city – population, physical characteristics, etc.? (3 pets. ) The largest city in the Mississippian Society was Iacocca. It had a population comparable to many of the Eurasian cities. It was bigger than any Married settlement. It has the biggest mound surrounded by shops, residential areas, and fields. 5. Town Creek Is famous for Its mound. What role did the mounds play In the larger cultural tradition described in the book and what role did the mound play at Town creek’ Are tense roles ten same?

Explain. (2 pets ) Mounds were burial grounds for noble men and sacrificial burials. The mound at Town Creek was used for public meetings and ceremonial activities. These roles were very similar because of the religion aspect. 6. What has been discovered at the Town Creek Mound? Explain in detail. Is this consistent with or similar to what was discovered at the mound described in the textbook? Explain. (4 pets. ) At Town Creek Mound, they discovered an early rectangular structure known as an “earth lodge. ” The walls of the mound were made by individual posts set in holes.

Dirt was then piled around the walls and over the rooftop create the lodge. Town Creek Mound was not even close to the size of Iacocca. Their purposes of mounds were similar because of the religious aspects and burial grounds. 7. The archaeology at Town Creek has discovered what they call burial urns. How were these burials urns used? What are your thoughts about this? (3 pets. ) The urns were used for children and infants. Then they were placed in the ground. The Pee Dee culture believed it would help the children sprits get to the next world. The rural urns remind of coffins.

I feel that it is really interesting how they had different ways to burry people because of their age or sex. 8. According to your book, what were the “Three Sisters? ” What if any evidence is there that any or all of the Three Sisters? What do you think the probability is that all of the Three Sisters existed at Town Creek? (3 pets. ) The “Three Sisters” are corn, beans, and squash. They were originated in Mexico which shows there was contact between the groups. I believe that all “Three Sisters” were at Town Creek because of heir culture and how they trade a lot.

The trade would allow them to get plants such as corn, beans, and squash. 9. Pharmacology is explained on the Town Creek website and I’m sure the personnel at the actual site can explain it. In your own words, explain what pharmacology is and why it’s important to Town Creek. (2 pets. ) Pharmacology is the study of bones or any form of living things that were discovery at an archaeological site. I believe it is important because it shows how far human society has came and shows us the differences between societies.