It is labeled as a trade agreement but only 5 chapters are related to trade UT of the 29 chapters. Based on what I have read, I think Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is not good for our country and may give a negative Impact to our county. One of the impact Is almost 80% of the price of the medicine will be expensive, up to a 1000% from the current price. That’s because generic drugs are cheaper may not be sold again as Malaysia bound using Patented drugs (original) produced pharmaceutical companies from abroad. The effect will be difficult for low-and middle-income patients because the cost of getting medicines to be very high.

Other than that, large companies will be free to do business in the country causing small entrepreneurs to compete with large companies from abroad. This seems to put the interests of foreign corporations above the interests of his own people. Also like to empower the developed countries like the U. S. , Singapore and Australia to conquer our nation’s economy. In addition, local farmers had to compete with agricultural products abroad. More troubling still Is the TAP would have an adverse Impact on the country’s rice Industry when the rice from the united States who receives high subsidies marketed n the country.

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Hundreds of thousands of families are rice farmers in the country will be affected if the TAP agreement. TAP also cause areas of investment and legal services as well as various other local professionals who have to deal with open market competition. The next Impact Is the Malaysian government could be sued by foreign investors In the International tribunal based in Washington and Geneva If there are government policies that could harm foreign Investors’ rights and prevent their trading actively. This would affect the Jurisdiction of the government In determining what Is best for he people and the country.

TAP also cause areas of investment and legal services as well as various toner local professionals won nave to deal Walt open market competition. Lastly, TAP also extend copyright protection reference materials from 50 years after the death of the issuer to 120 years. This means that all reference materials that are free and have been digitized will be limited to the user. This also means that all reference materials must be purchased or rented obligatory, thus it will limiting the facility knowledge to people who are less fortunate.

Based on the negative effects that have been documented, it is clear that the agreement the more light is exposing the country to significant risks and threats. It not only affects the economy, but also will threaten national security. I hope the government will review the effects and risks of this agreement with the views, criticisms and expressions of all parties, including the people. Decisions made must be one of the best decisions without compromising the interests of the people. If this agreement is seen adverse effect over the benefits, then the government must immediately stop this deal.