Meanwhile Hope uses Marvels words and basically throws them right into his face. Hope is tearing down everything Marvel said. It is a choice of interruption of opinion whether one wants to believe the speaker of this poem is speaking sweetly to get what he wants, or if he truly feels this passionately about his mistress. He is not even speaking of passion at all. He is moved by lust; therefore he is claiming It Is love, an Intense sexual desire. First, he does not want to give her time to think about whether or not this Is the right thing It to do.

Had we but the world enough, and time, this coyness, lady, were no crime” (1 Marvel), while Hope returned with “Since you have world enough and time Sir, to admonish me in rhyme” (1 Hope). Marvel is telling her that she has no time to waste. Hope is saying that since is it his decision that time is running out. However, these statements are followed by more pressure for physical completion of their relationship. He “always hears time’s winged chariot hurrying near” (Coy Mistress).

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He goes on to say that In a few years, she will no longer be beautiful. He Implies that he may be kept from taking her physical chastity, “but the worms will devour it anyway, so what [will she] have gained? ” – another implication that her aging will make her inept in his eyes (Sound). He is basically saying now or never. With the lines, “The grave’s a fine and private place, but none, I think, do there embrace” (Marvel), he brings the thought to her mind that If they don’t act on their love, perhaps she will die without love at all.

After making her self-conscious that no other man will want her In a few years, he moves n for the kill and pushes the concept that the here and now will be unforgettably powerful passion between two lovers. The next section starts with the personification of time “Time’s winged chariot” linked with the enjambment of the previous line; Marvel creates a sense of the speed of time passing. This then is the reason he cannot comply with her need for a long courtship. He tries to influence her by describing her behavior as “quaint” as In old fashioned and unnecessary.

The image of death as “deserts of vast eternity” reflects his views that love without sex Is ultimately barren. It is interesting to note that the speaker does not view the afterlife as heavenly despite the importance of religion in the 1 7th Century. This section takes on a much uglier hue with the terrible image of “worms shall try / That long preserved virginity” and the threat that her beauty and therefore her desirability are ephemeral. This section has a series of linked images relating to death: “marble vault”, “graves”, “ashes” and “dust”.

Life expectancy In the 17th Century was low and omen tenant to lose ten mom AT Duty early. I nee Tall Stetson AT ten poem delivers the real message; carper diem. The speaker now describes the woman in terms of the heat of passion “soul transpires / at every pore with instant fires” and refers again to the fleeting nature of her beauty “youthful hue / Sits on thy skin like morning dew”. Basically he is saying you’re only young once, I know you want me so let’s get it on. It can be said that he refers once again to her treasured virginity in the phrase “iron gates of life”.

This can be taken for an image of her vagina as the gate of life; but the iron in the metaphor conjures up a gate that is locked and barred to him at the moment as well as images of chastity belts . The final rhyming couplet sums up the whole message neatly. We can’t stop the passage of time but let’s use our time doing what we want. Whether he has done enough to persuade her that she wants what he wants is debatable. As I said, Marvel does not intend this to be taken as anything other than a humorous take on the games the sexes play with each other.