The said conditions are symptoms of PTSD. Marla may have experienced a traumatic experience that is associated with her work since symptoms only arise when she is at work. Part Two: Week Four Checkpoint Every individual is different. Each has his/her own story, unique from everyone else. It is normal for man to experience moments which are significantly heartbreaking. I lived a normal life with my parents in a little city far away in the United States. When I was a still a child, I had a very happy relationship with both my mother and father. My father is a company manager.

Even though he is really busy, he still has time for me and my mother. I am close to my father since he would take me out to play baseball in the baseball field near the school where my mother is teaching. My mother until now is working as a school teacher nearby. She would always go home early. When my father comes home from work, the food is already set on the table. She takes care of me and my father selflessly. She is not as close to me as my father since it is always my father who usually plays with me when I was young, nevertheless, I love my mother.

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Until now, I still have the same kind of relationship with my parents. When I was a child, the most memorable moment in my life was when my mother found out that my dad was cheating on her. It turned out that my father had another woman and they already had children. It caused a lot of pain in the family. My parents would argue every night. The shouting and the fighting traumatized me and the effects are still significant in my adult life. In spite of my traumatic childhood experiences, I was still able to smile. I was very into music when I was young.

I played two musical instruments and I loved to sing as I still do now. I would usually play and sing along with friends and we would make beautiful music together. Those were the times in my childhood that gave me positive memories. My childhood trauma has affected my life very much on how I should treat women. As of this moment, I am in a relationship. My partner and I have been together for the past three years and until now we are still going strong. I am very happy with our relationship. I make sure that we communicate about almost everything.

Since my childhood, I have developed a sense of what makes me happy and what makes me unhappy. First, music makes me happy, aside from my partner. Music takes away my stress and other negativities. Aside from music, cats also make me happy. I have a pet cat and I really enjoy its company. There are also things which make me unhappy such as getting stuck in traffic and being late. But what I really dislike is people who do not do what they supposed to do. I consider myself as a goal-oriented person and I try to give my best in work and in my endeavors. Thus, I also expect the same from other people.

Poor service from waiters, defective performances from my classmates, and unprofessional teachers are some of the things that I dislike the most and make me quite unhappy. In the next few years of my life, I aim for a good career and eventually found an ideal family. In order to achieve these goals I see to it that I give my best in school. I also try my best in my interpersonal relationships because I believe that people are still the greatest treasures on earth. References “Faces of Abnormal Psychology Interactive Application” (n. d. ) Retrieved 25 May 2010 from http://www. mhhe. com/socscience/psychology/faces/#.