Earning a college degree used to be a rite of passage – as did backpacking across Europe during the college years. Both events have become less of a typical journey and more things that have to be scheduled into busy schedules. It is certainly not necessary to have a college degree to become successful in the career world, but many people find that it absolutely helps to get in the door and is a requirement when it comes to very specific career choices. Because students are very often not going the traditional route and attending college right after high school graduation, there are fewer options when it comes to squeezing an education into an already burgeoning schedule. And the backpacking? Well that seems to go right out the window in deference to seemingly more important obligations.

There are those, however, that have found themselves traveling anyway – as a part of their careers. And while they may be required – or have simply chosen – to go back to school to earn their degree – they feel that their constant traveling will inhibit their ability to earn their degree. But nothing could be further from the truth; with an online degree, students are able to pursue their education no matter where they happen to be in the world.

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An online degree program – offered through reputable colleges and universities everywhere – require students to enroll in the program. After enrollment, the completion of coursework is completely reliant upon the student’s own schedule. Everything from reading to exams are completed online; requirements that can be met from anywhere in the world. The only thing that an online degree student needs is access to a computer and an Internet connection. With the resources provided by an online degree, non-traditional students can work, travel, raise a family, and still pursue their education.