There are numerous products and services intended for the relief of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), and these products and services are widely advertised on the internet. In my research, I located three herbal remedies (Women’s Herbal Hormonal Support, Femalite, and C124 PMS Formula), two drugs (Tylenol Menstrual and Midol Complete), and a service (Acupuncture) designed for PMS relief. Of these available treatments, two purport to treat other conditions.

Women’s Herbal Hormonal Support claims to ease symptoms of menopause, to cleanse the reproductive system, and to stimulate the production of progesterone (Kyra Therapy Direct, 2009). Acupuncture purports to be effective in the treatment of almost any condition, from acne to whooping cough (Acupuncture. com, 2010). Most of the information on these available treatments contains no mention of contraindications or drug interactions. The exceptions are the two drugs. The product information for Tylenol Menstrual and Midol Complete contains a lot of information about this subject (Johnson & Johnson, 2010; Bayer Health Care, 2010).

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The information for these products varies in terms of its clarity in regards to directions, active ingredients, and amount of active ingredient per dose. For Women’s Herbal Hormonal Support, Tylenol Menstrual, and Midol Complete, there are clear directions on how to take the product, the active ingredients, and their amounts. The website for Femalite contains clear usage instructions and indicates the active ingredients; however, the amounts of these ingredients per dose are not indicated (Native Remedies, 2010). The website for C124 PMS Formula contains no information on how to take the product.

Though the active ingredients are listed, their amounts are not indicated (Biogetica, 2010). The web-site pertaining to the use of acupuncture for the treatment of PMS does not indicate how often treatment should be given in order to obtain benefits (Acupuncture, 2010). Women are suggested to take two capsules of Women’s Herbal Hormonal Support twice a day every day. This dosage would require 120 capsules per month. Each bottle containing 120 capsules costs $29. 95. Therefore, a three-month supply of the product would cost the user $89. 85.