Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quicklygave up and drowned. The second mouse, wouldn’t quit. Hestruggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream intobutter and crawled out. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, asof this moment I am the second mouse.Have we ever tried to imagine, how are we leading our lives?We always want to live like others. We want to eat what otherseat, we want to wear what others wear, we want to go whereothers go, basically we want to do what others are doing.Therefore we live a duplicate life of someone else whileforgetting to live our own.We need to realise that it’s ok to be different, it’s ok to dosomething which has never been done before, it’s ok not toimitate anyone and live your life as you wish. It’s OK to bunk aclass when everyone else attending. In the same way it’s ok toattend the session alone when the entire class plans to massbunk.It was ok for bill gates to mock at the teachers and quit hisschooling at Harvard, it was ok for Mark Zuckerberg to drop theidea of going to school. In the same way, it’s ok for us to dosomething different. And whenever something forces you to bethe same or rather mediocre then remember this, “Only deadfishes go with the flow.”I’ll narrate you a story to prove how being unique makes adifference. Once upon a time there was a city consisting ofvery, very selfish people. There was a particular area whereeveryone used to dump garbage. It used to stink, it was ahorrible sight, but no one took any step to find a solution for thisparticular problem. There was this one man who was different,he took the initiative and started to clean the garbage one byone, as days progressed it was completely clean.Later he ploughed the soil, planted saplings of flowers, wateredthem everyday and eventually the place which was used tostink was changed into a garden with blossoming flowers andwas spreading fragrance everywhere.There was another man, who was a Pope by profession, whohad seen this man work from the day one. He took a moment toappreciate his work. He went up to him, greeted him, andpraised him as much as he could. He suddenly thought that thisman might hold his head high and might go on praising himself.Therefore the pope changed his statement. He said, “My dearson, though you have done a great job you weren’t alone. Godwas always with you. He helped you in each and every aspect.”He didn’t like this remark, he couldn’t control himself and backanswered the pope because he was son of a………… Lawyer.You guys thought something else right. He said, “Yes father, Itotally agree with you. But God didn’t help me, in fact we bothhelped each other. It was a mutual understanding between meand the God. You should have seen the condition of this placewhen God was managing it alone.”Those who understood please laugh, those who didn’t pleaseimprove your listening skills.There are many things to be learnt from this story. I’llconcentrate on two important points. Number one, be uniqueand try to make a difference. Secondly, learn to take the creditsfor what you have done, never let go of it. There are somepeople who give credits to others when they have done thework, and then there are those who steal credits even whenthey haven’t done anything. I live my life with a motto and it’ssimple “Never take the credits when you haven’t done anything,and never let go of credits when you have done something.”So far, so good. Now let’s look at the situations where you haveto go with the flow, because I don’t want you all to do stupidthings and later blame my speech. I am saying this becausethere might be someone who’ll go to a funeral with his friendand will crack so called inside jokes and both will have a goodlaugh while others are sad and weeping. And when someoneasks, they are like we are being different. No, don’t do this.Please go with the flow.There might be another situation. A teacher has given anassignment to be submitted today, unfortunately no onecompleted and it and luckily she has forgotten it. Now there willbe one particular girls who’ll be different by standing up andasking the answer for 13 th question in the assignment. No, forGod's sake, please go with the flow.Now let’s go back to the stories and examples which I hadgiven in the beginning of the speech and look at it from adifferent perspective.The man had spoken against the pope because he had turneda dumping yard into a wonderful garden. Mark Zuckerbergdropped the idea of going to school because he didn’t need adegree and didn’t need a job. He had already createdFacebook, which would provide him enough money for his life.Bill gates quite his schooling because he had mastered the artof coding. He knew way more than his teachers, they just knewwhat a computer can do whereas he knew how can a computerdo the same. In the same way, if you want to be different bybunking classes, make sure you have enough attendance toget your hall ticket.Having spoken all this and contradicted so much in my speech,what is the conclusion? What are we supposed to do? Bedifferent? Or go with the flow?Those who know the basics of chemistry, will understand thisbetter. Sometimes you need to be like protons that is bepositive and go with the flow. Sometimes you need to be likeelectrons that is be different and oppose others. Andsometimes you need to be like neutrons that is be neutral andbe like I don’t give a damn, I don’t care at all, do what you wantto.I want you to make a right choice at the right time. When beingdifferent affects others negatively, please go with the flow.When it comes to your own lifestyle, be different, be unique andtry to bring out a positive change in the society.In simple, I would say that, God has created you uniquely andit’s your responsibility to maintain the uniqueness. Be adiamond in world full of pebbles and rocks, because it’s alwaysbetter to be an original version of your own self than being aXerox copy of someone else.