Undoubtedly one of the chief streaming services in the world, Netflix provides a new selection of movies and shows with the turn of every month, that means new Netflix original series, documentaries, and movies. The new year has come with plenty of new entertainment, with a nice compilation of the shows hitting Netflix this month – January 2018- below. Seeing as Netflix comes with quite a variety, I will highlight just a few that stand out. DocumentariesAvailable 29 January, The Force provides an intense account of the Oakland Police Department in 2014, amidst the rising prevalence of police violence against black people. At the height of the Black Lives Matter campaign, Peter Nick’s documentary captures the police at a moment of extreme self-evaluation and offers priceless insight as to the changing nature of law enforcement in the USA.New FranchiseThe new year has beckoned the arrival of a variety riveting franchises. January will see the addition of virtually all Batman movies, from the epic 1989 Tim Burton film to 2005 Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. Joining them will be The Godfather trilogy, all four movies in the Lethal Weapon series and the first four installments of the Bring It On franchise.
Netflix Originals. While some Netflix originals are made straight for the streaming service, some are selected at festivals. One such example is the Polka King which was picked up following its premiere at Sundance last year. Despite mixed reviews, the film deserves a watch, if for nothing else, just to see its talented cast which includes Jenny Slate and Jack Black. Another movie to hit Netflix this January is A Futile and Stupid Gesture. Stacked with comedy greats such as Will Forte, and Jo Lo Truglio, star comedy director David Wain restages the glory days of National Lampoon, a comedy magazine which became the springboard for virtually every major comedy property. Expectedly, there is plenty of debauchery but a lot of humor. A must see for the comedy lovers.
Modern ClassicsGenerally accepted as modern classics, some movies remain every bit as original, inspiring and funny on every re-watch. The Truman Show is one such classic new addition. Jim Carey delivers a star performance which highlights just how Peter Weir’s 1998 satire anticipated our media-rich society turning us into Trumans. In this social media age, the film hints at our secret desire to perpetually broadcast our lives to the world. Another critically acclaimed classic to be added is The Shawshank Redemption, based on the Stephen King story. With actors such as Morgan Freeman, Frank Darabont delivered a masterpiece in plotting as well as third act perfection, in a film that still resonates with viewers. Although not quite as acclaimed as the aforementioned, with a cast consisting of Bill Murray and Chevy Chase you’re guaranteed to have a laugh watching Caddyshack. The UnknownsOccasionally, some Sundance premieres proceed to become the year’s best films while others simply sink into oblivion. A revenge tale similar to Blue Ruin, Bad day for the Cut debuts on Netflix this January. With a fun cast and a clever plot, the film was among the favourites in last year’s Park City film fest and a thriller definitely worth the watch. Additionally arriving this year is Super dark times, a thriller about an inseparable pair of teenage best friends who share a secret that destroys their friendship and leads them down a road of violence, jealousy, and paranoia. Definitely worthy of your time. The new year will also usher in new seasons of our beloved shows. Typically, Netflix will announce another set of the highly anticipated 60-minute comedy specials, including one from Tom Segura and another from stand-up comedian Katt Williams. January also sees the arrival of the third season of Lovesick, with Grace and Frankie slated to arrive on January 19. Additionally, the delightful remake of One Day at a Time which stars Justina Machado will commence its second season on 26 January.
Complementing this new batch of January arrivals, Netflix introduces a hotline. Attached to the movie Bright which debuted on the site December 22, call the hotline and you hear from Joel Edgerton and Will Smith, both of whom appear in the movie. Enjoy and make use of the hotline.