University of Florida offers one of the most approved online MBA programs in the world. This statement has been given by many graduates who have tried and finished this program. According to them, your path to success receives wider dimensions as soon as you complete the program and get that degree. The University of Florida represents one of the biggest public universities here in the country. Since 1906, when it was found, this university provides the students with quality education. At the beginning there were only 106 students who have enrolled to its studies. Now, this number is significantly bigger.

Its online MBA programs started in 1999. The only program which was available back then was the 2-year option with additional 1-year for the following year. Few years after this university has been established, it received SACS accreditation. Its business college has the most prestigious and required accreditation when it comes to business schools. It is AACSB accredited.

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The University of Florida provides all enrolled students with quality education. These students have the opportunity to take various courses in Financial Management, Economics, Business Decisions, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, International Finance and Operations Management. They will definitely develop everything they need and be prepared for the real world challenge. They will develop many skills in the field of communication, leadership, decision-making and critical thinking.

In order to enroll to this university you need to submit the proper application. Along with it you must include a detailed history for your employment, essays and academic history. All students who want to apply for University’s 1-year Online MBA program must be graduates from a business program within 7 years. The other prospective students are required to take additional GMAT exams in order to become a part of this business school. You need to score 610 or above on your GMAT to become a part of the 2-year program. For the 1-year program you need 600 score on the GMAT and at least 6 years of work experience.

For the 2-year program, the University of Florida set $59,696 tuition for all those who are coming from places outside of Florida. For Florida residents the tuition is $24,908. This university is a participant in various programs for student loans which can be received from private and federal sources. For more information about the financial aid, please visit the official website of this university.