Sadly, It happens only In my dreams. Unfortunately, it would be too dangerous and we would crash. Unhappily, my odd has Its own feelings-unluckily, survival Is based on money. Conversely, I must be patient for who knows how long I must wait? I Thanks to cell phone towers, our ranges have wider expansions. Thanks to society, It creates laws In order to assure our safety and that Is the reason we cannot simply: ROLL. Thanks to God, It has formed us In such a manner as for our bodies to communicate with us. Thanks to the social culture we live In, there are many ways of earning money.

Alas, people are advancing through technology to help us through different types of transportation. I Be glad Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. We are able to speak with someone in long distance by dialing 10 digits. Obey the laws for my own safety. Listen to my stomach and body signals; It is for my own healthy benefit. Work hard, earn money and enjoy spending it, because I earned it myself by striving with my own effort! While in traffic, think about how we are advantageous from the advanced technology of our present days. I

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