Unskilled immigration is a controversial issue that many American people have strong opinion about. Movement of people into a destination country of which they are not native or where they do not possess citizenship in order to settle or reside there, especially as permanent resident or to take up employment as a migrant worker is immigration CUS2. It pro has a detrimental impact on society, nation and economy. Although many argue about it,that America should reduced sp unskilled immigrant sp and embrace skilled immigrant which is a point based system used in Canada CUS3. I disagree with statement on how people viewed V unskilled immigrant in American system.Reducing unskilled immigrant in United State sp will affect the economy, which could lead to low market supply. (Introduce first point using a transition. Be sure to connect point to your thesis.) Government policies can have a profound impact on national unskilled immigrant, large number of unskilled immigrant and their descendant help and have a significant impact on cultural, political and economic situation in United State. sp Over the last decades, socio economic condition,especially in United State have caused about 25 millions people to leave their homeland and migrate to United State, which have increased the labor force supply in market which also help America to stand out as immigration country with all opportunity. Additionally, the immigration and naturalization service estimate alienshow the population growth of unskilled immigrant from 400,000 to 500,000 each year (Salam). This section is plagiarized and needs attention. You should have the handouts that explain the green and pink coloring for suspected and proven plagiarism. Which is this? How should you address it? I cannot be ignored. The current influx has caused an enormous growth from 9.6 sp millions in 1970, 4.8 percent of unskilled immigrant to 35 millions sp as of date, 12.1 percent in increase which had change the labor force market with more labor supply (Pew research). Labor supply is at risk if government change policy based on people argument, the market economy would shake. This is the same plagiarism issue.The first paragraph needs a focused the Look at what you wrote. Always check your typing. topic sentence-what the paragraph will cover. Be sure to give examples on how the economy will be affected if there is a reduction in unskilled immigrants. You mention economic, political, and cultural . If you want to discuss others, be sure it’s reflected in the first sentence.The foundation of encouraging unskilled immigrant in state has also also Rep given many private individual to invest in the economic system more,less than the skilled immigrant who are always on contract or has a limited time of working. CUS5 They (They, who? This is vague) can not invest based on agreement signed when they received their job. The skilled system used in Canada is a foundational policy that benefit their economic system from the beginning. (How does this sentence fits into the paragraph point?) WS Adapting another country poss policy we? have all round disadvantage or cause crisis over United State system (Zakaria). By far the most important impact of unskilled immigration has on the workforce is that it increases the supply of labor. Based on the March 2005 Current Population Survey,there were almost 21 million adult of unskilled immigrants holding jobs in the United States. However, they are not distributed evenly across occupations. In 2005, 30 percent of unskilled immigrants in the labor market had no high school education, and for those who entered in the preceding five years, 34 percent lacked a high school degree. In comparison, only 8 percent of natives in the workforce did not have a high school education. Overall,unskilled immigrants comprise 15 percent of the total workforce. But they are 40 percent of those without high school diplomas in the workforce, while accounting for 12 percent of workers with more than a high school education (Yglesias, Gallup). CUS6Some may viewed V unskilled immigrant as a burden on government project, that government is paying more attention to unskilled immigrant than skilled, government makes most of their credit from foreign pays, most especially people who want to be in U.S pay a lot out of pocket to get visa into U S, the money generated here are used for maintenance for some homeland events. RO Most private companies employed unskilled immigrant and pay them low with massive production of working hard. Keeping market value high and increasing labor force should be America worries not on how to change the system but how to make it better. awkThis entire paper is plagiarized, but you haven’t commented on it at all. That lack is a problem.As discussed above, the impact of unskilled immigration on the overall economy is very important. Either short or long term system, America should continued with unskilled system since it already creating a better place for some parts of people and citizen to encouragemassive production. In the end, arguments for or against unskilled or skilled immigration are as much political and moral as they are economic. The latest research indicates that we can not reduce unskilled immigration secure in the knowledge that it will not harm the economy. Doing so makes sense awk . Family abroad are also worried and depend on some of the immigrant for surviving. OT