The absence of gender in the Guatemalan world strains the capability of communicating tit people from other worlds but allows them to Judge one another by character and personality, not by gender stereotypes and first Impressions. The lack of gender on Gathering hinders the communication and understanding between its people and Acumen. When first approached by Strange, the previous prime minister of Rehearing, Mr.. A, the protagonist, of the novel is confused about his own impression of him, as the lack of gender makes it difficult for him to complete his Impression of Strange.

Unsure of what he himself sees, Mr.. AH hesitates, “. Ark forehead the man man I must say, having said he and his the man answers… (5) and not being able to conceive the people that we confront makes the part of understanding one another much more difficult because the way we treat each other is based on our notions of them. As Strange invites Mr.. AH over to his house for dinner, Mr.. Ai is reluctant as some of Extravert’s characteristics allow him to think that he Is a man but other traits such as his resonant voice makes him want to think that he Is somewhat In other ways, a woman.

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He claims, “l tried to, but my efforts took the form of self-consciously seeing a Guatemalan first as a man, then as a . (11)”. It is natural for us to become confused when we do not know how to woman….. Act around people as we do not have the power to perform in the most adequate way possible as we also want people to have a good impression of us in their mind also. The absence of social difference in Gathering society allows the people of Acumen not to Judge the Strengthen by their gender and Its stereotypes but simply by the errors helm/herself.

During the seventh chapter of the novel, a female Investigator that summarized life on Gotten reports her surprise on how much the presence of gender within the world of Acumen contrasts so much from the absence of gender in Karachi and Regency. Although the author describes that, ” the first Mobile, if one Is sent, must be warned that unless he is very self-assured, or senile, his pride will suffer” (bib this lack of gender has its benefits as people will finally be able to Judge people on their personalities and character rather than the gender that were given to them and the stereotypes that actually come with the gender.

According to the female Investigator, “A man wants his virility regarded, a woman wants her femininity appreciated, however indirect and subtle the indications of regard and appreciation” (95), However, when in Karachi, the matter of gender is completely different as the “neutral” gender would definitely take an Acumen by surprise, perhaps scarring them for life or drive them mad. The capability of not relying on the

Impression that appearances give us allows people to decide for themselves that Walt appearances Ana gender sale, people can De more tan one expects In ten end. Gatherings are not much different from other places except for the the fact that their lack of sexuality will always distance their world from other worlds. Although, it seems like this unfamiliar difference may drive foreigners away, it’s also a quality that sets them apart and allows them to see others for who they really are no matter how hard the communicating process is.