I would take the decision out of my hands to what was legally appropriate. 5. Based on my answers above, I believe a court would rule for the club to have equal access to our facilities eased on the fact that as the school, we have no rights to tell the Bible club how to operate their club. 6. As an administrator, it would be up to me to ultimately allow or refuse access to the club unless higher authority permission was need (I. E. District approval).

If I denied the club access to our facilities based upon my personal beliefs or interpretations, not only would it open myself, the school, and the district up to legal action, it could cost me my position as principal of the school. Search on School’s Parking Lot 1. I am going to say there was not enough of a reasonable basis to Initiate a horrors search based on just readmitting slips being found in the student’s purse. As Essex (2008) points out, to me readmitting slips are not “some dangerous item that could pose a serious threat to the health and safety of the student or others in the school” (pig. 6). 2. I really think it is the security guards judgment call as to if the student’s behavior was cause to be searched. Ducking behind a parked car in the school parking lot can be interrupted many ways by many different people depending on the circumstances of when the incident took place. 3. I do not think seasonable suspicion can be made in this case because the description we are given in the case study seems so vague as to what took place. Ducking behind a parked car in a parking lot does not seem to pose much threat to anyone involved. . If I was Involved In this situation, I would have asked the security guard to bring the student to the office. There I would have asked her why she was In the area she was and If that was punishable by the time frame she was out there I would have followed procedure. I would nave also explain to near winy seen can not De out tense at Tanat mime and where she got possession of the readmitting slips. I would have taken the slips back and given the appropriate punishment for that.

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Really, without more information it seems no more then the case of a student cutting class. 5. I really do not know how the court would rule in this case study. I almost believe it would be a far stretch for the security guard to even ask the student for her purse which was on her person without the reasonable suspicion the student even was involved in any wrong doing. 6. As an administrator, I believe in cases causing for a search you ally want to have your documentation in order and have reasonable suspicion established before you proceed.

Conducting searches Just to be doing so can give an administration a very negative rapport and lack of trust between the student body and administration which could lead to the breakdown of communication if a real dangerous incident were to happen. Gang Violence Involving a Shooting Incident 1. I would say the parents have a legitimate claim to negligent supervision on the part of a school official if no one was outside supervising the exit Bobby Holbrook kook to leave the school wear other students were also congregating.

Any exit where students leave the building or congregate before or after school should be supervised by a school official. 2. The school should be held liable for Holbrook injury of there was no school supervision provided in the area Holbrook and other students were gathering. 3. Some facts that must be know would include: a. Was the exit used and appropriate exit from the school? B. Was there any supervision provided at this exit? C. Did school officials know students congregated there? Did any school official know of a threat to anyone in the school? E. Had any school official seen any signs off threatening act about to happen? 4. If school officials knew a violent act was threatened to occur or if there should have been a school official on duty where the students were and was not, the school could be held liable for the injury. 5. If students were in an unauthorized area of school grounds the school may not be held liable or if school officials had exercised all viable options in dealing with a threatening situation. 6.

As an administrator, building supervision and student/staff safety has to always be at the forefront in planning for the school day. Not doing so, can lead to the unthinkable like this situation, a school shooting. A Disabled Student and Related Services 1 . Debbie Young decision to refuse the parents “related services” for Jonathan is not dependable if it is deemed a public education is the appropriate placement for Jonathan. As was referenced in Essex (2008), “Irving Independent School District v. Taro” (pig. 145) showed the school must provide “related services” to the student in deed. . Jonathans parents request is reasonable under the Education-Related Service Requirement in the Education for All Handicapped Children Act. 3. Yes, the nurse is a related service if the nurse is required by Jonathan in order for him to receive ten appropriate Tree puddle coeducation near Nils Logistically control. Based on court decisions outlined by Essex (2008) in Irving Independent School District v. Taro and Cedar Rapids Community District v. Garret F. , I believe the courts would find in favor of Jonathan and require the school to provide the nurse. 5.

This s a decision I feel as an administrator, you have to involve everyone involved in the special needs program within the school and district and even the district/school legal’s team to make sure Jonathan and the school do all is required by law for Jonathan to receive the best education he can, yet protect the school from being taken advantage of if there are any services the school simply can not give but are requested by the family. References Essex. (2008). School Law and the Public Schools: A Practical Guide for Educational Leaders (4th DE. ). Boston, MA: Allan & Bacon 7