Vinay PatelENG-1031.1032-05Professor WardDate-12/08/17   About my experience as a writer                         How to become a good writer. There is some major difference between highschool and college essay. High school and college are different things for writing an essay because it’s exploring your more skills on writing. In high school, I never had experience as writing essay or speeches. Because in high school, it is not require that every student have to write an essay on academic ways. If a student doesn’t want to write essay academic way, then for a student can write an essay on his ways. Because in my high school, it does not require that everyone have to follow the MLA/APA format. We just had to finish the essay, because it’s required to graduate from high school. But when I started my first semester in college, and the professor gave us first assignment writing about the introduction of an essay. I was really get stressed on that time, because I really don’t understand what to write introduction in essay. But I try my best on my first assignment. Writing my three essays has taught me how to write the essay in academic way, how to format them correctly, and analyse the text and question before writing the essay.                    when I started with my first essay, I get the idea and I use to enjoy myself to writing essay. When I get the first essay that I have to work on, is summary/response essay. For summary/response essay, first I have to do read the article two times and annotate the main idea from the article. And I think annotate is very important for those students; who doesn’t like to read the article and doesn’t like to write the essay. Annotate is important, because if I annotate something from the article, then it’s good for me. If I annotate the main point from the article, I will remember that this sentence is the main point of the article. And it keeps me focus on the article. After annotate, I have to write the summary part. For a summary part, I have to write 5-7 sentences from an article but I have to rewrite that sentences in my own way. And after that, I have to write a response part. Response part is very tough for me. Because for response part, I have to write my own thoughts and make good paragraphs. And it’s little bit difficult for me to write response partly because I have to make good sentence structures and every sentence related to the article.                       After when I have done with summary/response essay. I have to write analyze essay. So for analyzing essay, I have to pick a speech, and then I have to analyze that speech. Analyze a text mean SOAPS. Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, and Subjects. This analyze text, I have to use on Introduction part. And also I have to add some background information from the speaker. And after introduction part, I have to write summary part. And it’s the same thing as summary/response essay. I have to write the main idea from speech. And for a body part, I have to write a thesis statement, rhetorical devices, and rhetorical appeals. And I think thesis statement is very important to have in an academic essay because it tells reader that, what speech is about and help to the reader. And also topic sentences expressed the main idea of speech. It’s very important because it’s helped me to more improve on paragraphs and it focuses on the main idea from speech.                     Addition, there are five rhetorical appeals, but for speech, I have to use 4 rhetorical appeals. Ethos, Pathos, Logos, and Kairos. So for rhetorical appeals, I have to read the speech and then I have to find out ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos. And it’s very easy to find out. When I have done with that part. I have to explain, how this rhetorical appeal is attached with this speech. And after that, I have to write rhetorical devices. A rhetorical device uses words in a certain way to convey meaning or to persuade. It can also be a technique to evoke an emotion on the part of the reader or audience. And after that, I have to write a conclusion about my speech; which is very easy for me. About my experienced, while drafting a rhetorical analyzing essay, I don’t have that many difficulties, because this time I have previous experience writing about summary/response essay. And I just have to follow the instruction from a professor, and professor ward gave us so many information about, how to find rhetorical devices and apple s, how to make SOAPS. So this information helps me a lot.                        Additionally, after done with my two essay, I work on argument essay. And argument essay is very tough for me. Because I have to find good sources to support my topic. If I found the good sources to support my topic, and I have to found out who is author, and author who wrote the article, is he credible to talk about this particular topic. So after when I am done with my sources, I have to put them in-text citation. And then I have to explain them. And also, I have to write counterargument and refutation. For counterargument I have to support my argument and for refutation I have to write other side of point of view.                       Writing are arguably one of the most underestimated skills in today’s society. Most people, including myself, do not take the proper time to improve in these areas and live their lives with less knowledge and less ability of expression than those who do take the time to read several books and fill numerous pages with their words. I do not consider myself an intense reader or writer in any way, but I do know that in order to achieve everything I want to achieve in life, that previous statement it is  going to have to change.                  After this three essay, I think I am good to write an essay. But I have one aspect of my writing, is improve on my sentence structure. And I need to continue to work on sentence structure. Because in future I have to write 8-9 pages essay, so sentence structure and extend more sentences skills help to improve my writing skills. And I think this skill is very important for every high school students and college students. Because writing skills are required now for every job. Because good companies are looking your experience and your writing skills too. I think the end of this semester, I will improve my sentence structure, and make a sentence more extent.