A scientist named Edwin Link developed the first flight simulator which he called the “pilot maker” or the ANT-18 Link Trainer (blue box). Geoff Bessie) In the sass’s through the sass’s they began making improvements to the simulators taking them from the basic analog that Link first created to one’s more advanced. The more advanced simulators could resemble more planes: several aircraft companies began producing simulators like the B-36, FEED, and the C-119. The purpose behind creating flight simulators was safety.

It would be safer for a pilot to learn to fly a plane on the round and familiarize oneself with the controls before going in the air. In 1965 a man named Ivan Sutherland created the first form of virtual reality that most people think of. Sutherland published a document called ‘The ultimate Display”, where he discussed his ideas to create a portable virtual world by using two tiny television screens one screen for each eye. He designed a head mounted display that was so heavy that It had to be used with ceiling supports. The Images were very crude, but yet the equipment was very expensive.

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The first helmet was neither ratable nor accessible to the public, it had to be used in the lab and the average person could not afford It. Then In 1985 a man named Michael McGreevy, a clients from NASA/AMES, took Sutherland design a step further, if you will. He created a lighter and even cheaper version of the virtual helmet. He used a motorcycle helmet and had it fitted with mini display screens. Sensors were installed to track movement, and linked to very powerful sensitive computers. Research continued with Jargon Lankier, a game programmer, in 1986 created the virtual reality glove.

The glove contained sensors hat could monitor the movements of your hands. Lankier paired the glove and helmet, and he gave this technology the name “Virtual Reality. In education there are several ways to use virtual reality, It can help an autistic child learn, medical students use virtual cadavers, and virtual classrooms. Outlasts children have trouble with education, because they cannot be in a regular classroom environment. Most autistic children have a fear of people and physical contact. Programmers have come up with a way for these children to use computers to help them learn. Virtual friends are the way that helps them.

The child has a virtual reined to ask questions and wait for responses. The computer generated friend is patient and nonjudgmental. Children with autism fear resentment, Judgment, and ten Telling AT Dealing rushes. I nee can relate netter Walt ten computer than teeny can with a real person. Medical schools have found ways to cut costs, by allowing students to use virtual cadavers (Adam Cadaver). With Adam medical students can locate organs, bones, and muscle tissue. The program and also have a student diagnose the illness, and do surgery on Adam. This technology is cheaper than having real bodies sent to the school and storage.

Also, with Adam if there is a mistake it can be restarted, another advantage is the program can be reused unlike real cadavers. Online classrooms are another form of virtual education; online universities are a prime example of online classrooms. Online education allows for distance learning, like the students who are deployed in the military or their spouses who move around with them. They cannot very well be in a regular university, and not know when and if they will be moving. Gifford University, University of Phoenix, and Kaplan University are some example of online colleges.

Now days most colleges ND university offer some classes online, which they have a required amount of campus classes. They have not made it where you can get your degree completely online like you can with the before mentioned schools. Online education helps the disabled have the ability to learn, helps reduce costs of an education, and offers convenience and accessibility to an education to those with busy lives. Virtual reality can be used for Job training, pilots, rescue teams, and military personnel can use virtual reality (simulators) to learn.

Pilots use flight simulators, today’s simulators have hydraulics, and digital read outs. The pilot can feel the movements of a real flight they can feel turbulence, lift, and drag that could be produced by the weather and wind. The read outs and controls are modeled to the plane that they may be flying so they can become familiar with them. The simulator can also show scenarios of disasters so the pilot would know how to react in that given situation. It could teach them how to land if an engine goes out, protect the passengers in the event of a crash, or even to prepare for a hijacking.

Simulators also help rescue personnel who include police, firemen, and emergency medical technicians (Mets). Evacuation routes are established in the event of an emergency such as hurricane or wildfires. Police use these routes to safely evacuate people in those areas. The police also have simulated shooting ranges, it measures accuracy. There are also crime scenarios so the officers know how to handle such situations, like drug busts, traffic stops, and armed robberies. Fire departments have simulators to teach them how to deal with wild fires, also teaches them techniques to rescue people from burning buildings and such.

Medical workers use virtual reality to show them how to handle things when disasters arise, because there are always injuries or even death during evacuations, fires, and natural disasters. Many professions benefit from virtual Job training, we are lucky that we have the technology to offer this training to individuals. Military training is also an important use of virtual reality. Much like the police training, they have virtual shooting ranges to measure accuracy, and the ability to use the many types of weapons that military personnel are expected to use.

They also go into virtual worsens, they learn how to go unseen, help wounded, and the process of capturing war criminals. They are taught the procedures that are important in a rezone to make them as comfortable as they possibly can during war time. Social networking Is on ten roles; In social networking you enter a vulture world I “world” you can make friends, find someone you will be interested in dating, Job opportunities, and even make money. In networks like Second Life, you make an avatar, or a character likeness of yourself, and wonder around the virtual world.

There you talk to various people and there you can make friends. A lot of friendships can turn romantic in nature, and sometimes these people meet in real life and become involved as a couple. Some people can even make money on Second Life, mom appear to be real estate agents and sale property in the virtual world the money that they make there, they can go to a third party site and trade in for real money. In these virtual world people also talk to their online friends about Jobs that may be available in the real world, and they follow up on leads that they get.

Social networking can play an important role in our lives as long as it is moderation. Playing online games can be relaxing; a few games that are out there are Everest, World of Warrant, and Ebony. Everest and World of Warrant require a membership fee to play the game. Ebony on the other hand is free, and does not require a download. In Everest and World of Warrant, you create a character and roam the virtual world to complete missions, gather equipment, and experience points. In Ebony you build a virtual city, Join alliances, go to war, and take over cities.

Like in the social networking site, Second Life, you can sell any equipment and weapons you acquire in World of Warrant on a third party website for real money. There are a lot of good uses for virtual reality, but with the good comes the bad. Some of the dangers of virtual reality include theft, when someone hacks into your count and steals the money or equipment you have acquired, and sell it on the third party site for their own benefit. There also is virtual rape, which includes but not limited to sexual harassment, stalking, and avatar rape.

Hackers do the same in virtual reality as they do when they get into your computer and steal you valuable information. They hack into your virtual accounts whether it is in virtual gaming or socializing and steal whatever is valuable to you or your character, and steal it to sell it for profit. Virtual rape is not an actual physical act of rape, but it can make you feel ere uncomfortable and even unsafe. Sexual harassment is considered virtual rape; it makes you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable to be talking to a certain person, because they may have said something very offensive and derogatory towards you.

Stalking is a major problem, it seems that you cannot hide from someone, they can find you in the virtual world, email you, or even instant message you constantly. I have read about someone sexually assaulting an avatar. Virtual prostitution is also a problem; virtual prostitutes build up a clientele and can also make real money for having virtual sex with someone. War is also another crime committed in a virtual world. People can use simulation programs and equipment to plan wars. They can check the probability of victory; lay out the land, place camps, and practice using weapons.

They can adjust criteria, to simulate other scenarios to figure the best plan of attack. People dedicating all of their time to be in virtual worlds is a problem. It becomes a mental illness in which the person believes they live in the virtual world. People also refuse to deal with the real world; they feel more comfortable in the virtual world, living their avatars life. Getting lost in these virtual worlds can also lead to toner meal contraltos sun as odes TTY, carpal tunnel, Deck strain, Ana eye problems.

When they do not use good posture and correct ergonomics, you cause carpal tunnel syndrome which is a disorder in your wrists that causes pain, the cure for that is surgery. Back strain is another problem from being slumped over your computer; it causes you back, shoulders, and neck to hurt. Eye problems are caused by looking at the computer screen for hours on end. Obesity is caused from being on the computer all the time, and never getting any exercise. It is a good idea to limit our computer usage to a minimal amount so you can stay healthy mentally and physically.

In conclusion, virtual reality is a good thing to have. The advancements made over the years have made it possible to educate, train for a Job, make friends, and play games. There are those who abuse this technology, unfortunately as technology makes advances so will the cyber criminals. We have to look at both the positive and negative aspects of virtual reality to see if it worth continuing with advances. I personally think that the good outweigh the bad, and if careful monitoring we can cut down on the amount of cyber crimes. I look forward to what comes in the future of virtual reality.