Watch this short video please so you can see how we use to have your garage door installed correctly. A simple test will show you!•    At your disposal a lifetime guarantee!•    Evenings and weekends at your service and without extra charges!•    Open Monday to Saturday from 8 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon•    An operator will respond to you in person 24 hours a day, seven days a week.•    Properly InsuredTwo types of springs for garage doors: torsion and extension.The torsion springs are threaded along a bar, and if you look from inside the garage, you will find them just above the garage door. The mechanism of the extension springs moves along a track and on both sides. We come ready to install any dock, bringing what is necessary for our truck to put any of the two mechanisms.Take the best decision, i.e., Call Precision!Best practice number 1: Replacement of both springsMost garage doors have two springs and when one is broken the second one will also do so. Well, they have the same manufacturing time, and they have been working from the beginning in the same way. Repairing the second dock at the same time will prevent you from paying a service charge and the inconvenience of the door getting damaged again not long after. This depends on the use that has been given to the springs. The replacement could also be necessary from a mechanical and safety perspective.Best practice number 2: Install the correct size of the springsThe spring that corresponds to your door must match the size and weight of the door. Each garage door needs the size of the dock that resembles it to be able to fit in this way. You can see if the size of the pier is correct with a simple balance test (see the video below to know how to do it). And only once the right spring has been used will such control be possible. Tip: It can be understood if the indicated spring has been used just by applying a simple balance test.Springs corrosion resistantPrecision has springs made to our technical standards. We guarantee them by putting our name as we know that they will not destroy and will last for a long time.The last repair of springs that you had to pay?In the same way that their route evaluates the tires, to the springs for garage doors for their work cycles (1 cycle = 1 up and down the door). It is normal that a garage door was evaluated with only 5 or 10 thousand cycles. The springs we use are assessed between 25 and 50 thousand periods. That is why we certainly guarantee an extended use of our springs during the time you live in your home!How much could it cost me to repair a pier?The question that most do us by phone is the price and how much it would cost to replace the springs for garage doors. It is difficult to estimate this just like that, because that depends as much on the size of the door, as on the weight and the type of spring of the gate in question (torsion or extension). About us:We guarantee them by putting our name as we know that they will not destroy and will last for a long time.