Well I am researcher. Usually my
working hours are 9 am to  5 pm. After
that I have a lot of time which I could capitalize on something which I enjoy
or relaxes my mind and soul. Writing is something that I do with joy and has
been my lifetime passion till now and I believe that the results of my passion
come out in the same way as well. I have been writing several research articles
from last 6-7 years for myself and for my friends. I have already written
several articles which are published in national and international peer
reviewed journals. Besides research articles, I also enjoy writing essays, stories,
short articles etc. Honestly speaking, I just heard about freelancing, was not
sure that whether freelancing could actually provide you some part time money
as well. After viewing several videos on youtube, on how to earn money online,
I came to know about contentmart. I was overwhelmed after going through this
site. I believe that humans are somehow wired biologically to stories. I can’t
think of many jobs better than writing and telling stories all the time to
person who are keen for this. Well I know that just by writing stories or
articles cannot make you rich, it can only be your passive income, but the
satisfaction that your passion provides you and your family something is really
an amazing feeling. Writing could generate a passive income stream for you. Who
doesn’t want a totally passive income stream? No one I know. While it’s
admittedly very difficult to build an entire lifestyle around a single passive
income stream, it’s not at all challenging to use writing to bolster your
biweekly paycheck. I think that writing is something which provides you a
platform to express yourself, you can write what you think, it can also change
or motivate others too, there way of thinking who read your articles as well. As
a writer, one can make anything to happen to make it live which he or she wants
to or thinks often. I think it’s one of the best thing in the world, you are
free to pen it down what you think and if someone enjoys or appreciate your
passion is the best feeling in the world. This encourages you the most. Becoming
a writer is not really that simple, so the thought and consideration is always
necessary. It’s a job that suits a self-starter, who is comfortable working in
isolation for hours every day, enjoys intellectual stimulation, a dollop of
creativity and a more relaxed schedule than most nine-to-fivers. Writing helps
you move your level of understanding beyond a line of “gut feeling” toward a
more universal conceptualization. In other words, it helps you think. It can
teach you things you never knew about yourself. “How early can you really get
up in the morning? How late can you stay up? How many cups of coffee does is
take to…”.These aren’t just questions left to be answered by the
“self-experimenters” out there. When I first started writing–really writing–I
found I needed a much different schedule than I’d been maintaining. It turned
out that waking up before the crack of dawn and getting 4-5 hours of sleep
wasn’t going to kill me (at least not in small spurts!). The habits you’ll
develop by maintaining a writing schedule can bleed into other areas of your
life very easily and effectively. Your work might get easier to complete,
allowing you to take on more responsibility and get a raise. Or you might find
yourself taking on more duties outside of your work life, like freelancing and
ghostwriting. That leads us to the next point.