Healthy People 2020 is committed to the vision of a society in which all people live long healthy lives”. Promoting wellness and fitness are important health goals for me and my family. I often make healthy resolution every year in January and that is to get physically fit, to be more active, to eat better, to lose weight and to manage stresses in work and family life. I do try to eat healthy foods and I do not smoke. I also learned how to manage my stress through meditation and relaxation. I do value physical activity and to exercise regularly but I do not have enough time to exercise.

After a full time Job at school I have to run to another part time Job in a different location. I am Just too tired after work to get any exercise. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to good health. But with the support of my family and self-determination I think I will be able to make the changes to improve my health by taking small steps and develop positive attitude; setting a reliable and attainable goals. “There is no pill that can reverse the effects of a lifetime of denary living, poor eating or tobacco abuse.

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