What I personally feel is the best example for equal rights is when I talk about Pakistan. A few years ago Pakistan had a different perspective as there was high level of women discrimination in every field such as the business sector, the film industry or the media sector. They were not given equal treatment and were not able use their rights for their benefit. There were some remote cases of violent Incidents for example honor killings and women had no choice when it came to their marriage, it was decided for them whom to marry, women had no opinion at that time and weren’t given any decision-making power. In Pakistan people were not in the favor of educating their daughters and forced them to stay at home to learn domestic work. Women were always thought to be for household purposes because of which they were prepared for their housework that they had to do after marriage because that was thought to be the main objective of women.

But for the past few years authorities have been strict and working efficiently to give women their rights and end women discrimination, there efforts have led to quite an impressive outcome. If we talk about the current situation of Pakistan things have changed as now there are women in every sector such as politics in which 35 to 40 percent of ladies make up the National assembly of Pakistan. In 1988 Benazir Bhutto became the first female Prime minister of Pakistan. Furthermore, if we take a look at the business sector there are many fresh, young, successful female entrepreneurs.

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There is many NGO’s working for the rights to women and providing them with education. Many of them recognized worldwide for their efforts towards women empowerment for example the artist activist-writer Muniba Mazari was named Pakistan’s first female goodwill ambassador by the United Nations for gender equality and empowerment of women. Moreover, the CEO of Buksh foundation Fiza Farhan was elected as a member of the First-Ever-High-Level Panel of the UN Secretary General on women’s economic empowerment, she was also the part a of ’30 under 30′ list published by Forbes magazine for social entrepreneurs in 2015. Then there is Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy who became the first women to win two Oscar awards. There is a long list of successful women just like these ones who have worked hard to get to the point where they are now.

Women throughout have faced hardships in order to gain the freedom they have today. Sometimes they had failures and sometimes they had success but with every battle they only grew strong and never gave up which made everything worth as now women are not only valued but also given the same level of respect as men which they very much deserve as they have worked hard to get it.