Morals are respecting oneself and others the same way. There are important ideals, the determination of worth, virtuous qualities, and ethical vices to all follow by of the common moral system. One of the most important moral ideals is the religious ideal (Paola, 2010). This Ideal teaches oneself their character of who they are and promotes activities of the particular religious group. This is important because religion teaches Individuals from bad and good. Along with this Ideal, the same goes for personal Ideals besides he teaching of individual ambition.

Ambition Is good In life because It teaches goals and desires in life. Besides building a person’s character, It Is lead to believe that the utilitarian Ideal Is also Important because It teaches ability and pleasure Like writing a book or playing an Instrument. Although moral Ideal builds character, understanding moral worth Is compensating. Moral worth Is determined by the Judgment of the acts of a person from the moral character aspect. I find my very own moral worth mediocre. I am either rich nor poor, but nor I judge others by their own worth.

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I do good though by always donating money even if it is not a lot. Sometimes an extra dollar here and there at the grocery store is all I can afford when the cashier clerk asks. By I do not hesitate: I just do it to help which ever foundation they are currently doing. By not hesitating, I feel that is what my moral worth is. The virtuous qualities that are most important to possess is the virtue of kindness. At a young age, children should be taught kindness so they have the principle of aspect when they grow up and to learn to appreciate kindness.

Learning to enjoy being morally good will teach anyone good character. The worst ethical vices are pride, greed, lust, wrath, gluttony, and envy. For pride and envy, sometimes too much is Just simply too much. There is also torture which is a horrible vice and bad habits. My vice is not extreme as these but my bad habit is procrastination. I never get anything done in the time I want to and always do school work last minute (hence this is being done the day it is due).