I took inspiration from
a project by the Citizen Achieve of Pakistan called Humans of Karachi which
basically narrates the untold stories of many Karachites by photographing the
general public and asking them about their journey in the city of Karachi. This
trend was inspired from Brandon Stanton, who started the trend, Humans of New
York (HONY). Like The Humans of New York, The Humans of Karachi Project is an
effort by The Citizens Archive of Pakistan to create a photographic census of
the city of Karachi as creatively possible. Humans of Karachi was started on
June 12, 2012 and the pictures taken for this project are photographed by
Khaula Jamil who is an IVS alumni and also is a teacher at the school.

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The ideology of Humans
of Karachi:

Pakistan is one of the
most historically rich countries in the world and Karachi one of the fastest
growing urban cities in history. Popularly known as the City of Lights, Karachi
one of the most diverse places in Asia with over 21 million people, many
of whom travelled here from all over the country in search of opportunities.
Complex and at times challenging to live in, most Karachites are resilient
survivors with an almost unhealthy passion for their city. These photographs
will show you Karachites in a way some of you may or may not have seen

This being my
inspiration, I wanted to go out and collect my own stories and translate them
as my print design.


Why I wanted to do this
was because even before this project I was following the page and regulary
reading up on the stories that both the pages, Humans of Newyork and Humans of
Karachi posted and what was most fascinating for me was how these narrations
from every single individual was so diverse, relatable and interesting.

What really pulled me in at first was some of the stories being so tragic but
yet so inspiring as they mostly had a sense of hope to them. They had hidden
messages, advices and moral stories to them because most of the stories that I
read on these pages were about struggle and coming out strong as an individual.

Why I really feel
strongly about this was the fact that since these stories are from Karachi they
were extremely relatable. Moreover, the fact that most of these stories had a
lighter side to them, a happier and more optimistic approach to life I believe
all these stories can really send a positive message if they are visually

During recent times,
there is a lot of distress in the city’s conditions due to incidents like,
Zainab murder case and the police killing innocent people etc. This had me
thinking that Karachi sure is an unpredictable city, but it can be very easily
interpreted as a place of turmoil. Hence, I wanted to portray a lighter side of
the city where these beautiful narratives add to the fact that Karachi is a
brave city.


My print can go on a
wallpaper as I want it to be conversational and interactive. It can be used in
spaces like a café or a restaurant where people can have a productive
conversation about the imagery on the wallpaper. It can also work for upper
garments (Apparel).


The techniques that I
wanted to use was initially screen print. However, I did want to explore my
printing process further and also digitally print it. I wanted to explore my
print in block print too if possible.


Since my print is going
to have a topic which is not going to go out of style because it is going to
have Karachi as a source of inspiration hence it can be used all year round.