What is evil? The
perspective of evil gives us that feeling of something that is tremulously
maleic. We associate evil as something that is possessed, inflicts pain onto
others, and is wicked. In a religious view, individuals connect evil with a
soul crushing demon that possesses the mind and body. In other words, evil is
viewed in some different variations of what would be the devil. Evil can be
defined differently depending on who is analyzing the term. It can be labeled
under daimonic, pathological, and healthy narcissism. Evil can be disguised in
a variety of different ways, as we are all capable of evil. For example: the
green river killer was viewed as evil because of his actions of mutilations and
sex crimes with corpses. He thought the victims deserved to die and treated the
females with contempt. From an outsider view he seemed well put together; he
was married and had children and followed the social standards of what seemed
to be good in his view. Another example would be the famous Ted Bundy as he
harmed multiple women and seemed to be a good seed.

Our views of evil
is straightforward, but can have different developmental models: spirit/vitality,
pathological narcissism, and personification. Spirit/vitality where it is a
healthy narcissism and empathy. It can give an individual self worth and
meaning to their life. If a parent is harsh to their child and continuously
shamming their child this can cause the consciousness to transform into a
defiant, and begin to be in the defensive state, which can cause pathological
narcissism. Pathological narcissism is defined as having power, control, and
domination over others. People that have pathological narcissism are good at
hiding this aspect, but in the dark they have conflicting harm which excites
them. Once their personality alters into this state it becomes very cold and
they are fine with inflicting pain onto others. Imagine that concept for a
moment. Personification is a subject of the devil. This tells us that there is
evil out there and we as humans need divine help. That we are constantly going
to fight this and we need some of this for our own humanity.

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Rollo May talks
about the daimonic. The daimonic is an energy of any natural function, which
has the power to take over the whole person. For example: anger, rage, cravings
for power, sex, and love. When the daimonic is repressed, it tends to erupt in
some form, which can lead to destruction within ourselves. Even though this is
still a set of consciousness, daimonic operates the outer most awareness of the
individual and thus is able to act in the most insidious way. The daimoic is a
vital energy that if energized by the Devil they will sabotage not only others,
but themselves. The destructive power can be met only by transforming it into
constructive activities. In low spirits the daimonic can give an individual
depression and cause them to sink very low. Daimonic can also be viewed a
potential for greatness and causes you to be alive, but with greatness there is
great falls.